Tired of Clients Ignoring You on Upwork?

You got on Upwork to build an extra income stream. Or maybe you joined to get out of the rat race altogether. 

You weren’t having a ton of success to begin with (at least not quit your job success), and now Upwork is going to start charging to submit proposals. 

What do you do? Quit the platform? Well, is one great client enough of a return on your .30 proposal cost? 

Yeah, it certainly is. So, what’s the problem then?

The Struggle Is Real! And You're Not Alone

You scour Upwork’s job listings, looking at all of the jobs under “writing.” 

You check Upwork a few times per day, so you can submit one of the first proposals for new jobs. 

You apply to EVERY job you think you can do. 

If you’ve gotten a job or two, it was for low pay, and the client was probably frustrating.

Maybe, you’ve even been the target of a scammer

You’re out of connects at the end of every month, with little to show for it. 

You (and so many others) have got to be wondering…..

Why Don't Your Proposals Get Real Answers? What's Wrong With Your Upwork Profile?

Do you start your proposals with “To Whomever It May Concern?”

Do you copy and paste your proposals and hit submit?

Are you willing to write for anyone and everyone (and your profile shows it)? 

Be honest, how many times do you mention “I” or “me” in your profile summary? 

Does your Upwork profile (or any of your profiles for that matter) read like a boring resume cover letter?  

But What If Things Were Different? What If....

What if you knew how to research freelance writing prospects? 

What if you could craft winning proposals each time you found an awesome opportunity?

What if you had a 25%…… 35%…… or even 50% proposal response rate

What if great prospects invited you to their jobs because your profile did at least half of the convincing?

WHAT IF you were booked solid, and turned work away?

Who Am I, to Offer to Help You With Anything?

How Did I Get Here?

Well, I didn’t have past writing experience, but I managed to grow my freelance writing side hustle into a full-time business in about 6 months!

YES! That’s right! I went from $600 per month to my first $4,000 month in 6 months. Now I have a small high-end content marketing agency, Defy The Status Quo. 

I started freelance writing on the side while I was still traditionally employed. Once I started gaining traction, I decided to see where this could take me, and I ramped up to a full-time income in 6 months!

Before I started getting clients though, I made mistakes:

  • I undervalued myself. 
  • I asked for far too little for my services. 
  • I thought I had to freelance for years before getting a decent rate. 
  • I believed everything I read about Upwork being a terrible place for jobs. But I didn’t know where to go. 

So What Changed?

Well, I knew that some writers were successful on Upwork. 

I always worked hard and had a talent for writing. I knew I could make clients happy if I had the chance Why couldn’t I be one of these success stories? 

Why can’t YOU be one of these success stories? 

What was different between me and the successful freelance writers on Upwork? <— Answering that question was the pivot in my journey that led me to where I am now. And it’s the basis for what I’m offering you today. 

Now, May I Introduce....


Upwork for Writers + The Writer's Proposal Template

If you’re ready to start building your freelance writing business the right way, then this bundle is for you. Scroll down and you’ll learn more about the enhanced ebook and proposal template I’ve created for freelance writers who want to win on Upwork. 

The price for this high-ROI bundle is only $14.99.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy today!

What Do Freelance Writers Have to Say?

This enhanced ebook and proposal template were created with feedback from freelance writers just like you. They were able to take the valuable information here and get their profiles approved and land new clients!

“Ruthie’s book on creating an awesome Upwork profile is exactly what I needed to learn how to optimize my profile. Her concise instructions, along with specific examples, made it easy for me to tweak my profile to attract high-quality clients in no time!”
Christine W.
Freelance B2C Health and Wellnes Content Creator
"I finally narrowed down a concrete direction of my business. I also took Ruthie Bowles advice on getting approved for Upwork and received my approval this morning. I’m excited but also nervous about doing my first proposal."
Maya Boyd
Freelance Hospitality and Foodservice Content Writer

How Long Does This Take?

This isn’t some 100 page ebook, where you have to painfully extract the information you need. 

Everything presented has been boiled down to what you need to know to act NOW.

The chapters are presented in order. Read a chapter (or watch the video), and then implement the changes on your own profile. 

Each change you make takes you about 10 steps closer to landing the sorts of clients you want on Upwork. 

When you’re finished with the ebook, the proposal template will be there, ready for you to start approaching clients who are worth your time and effort.

What Do You Get in the Upwork for Writers Enhanced Ebook?

All of the steps you need to create a stellar Upwork profile!

4 embedded instructional videos​

You have four “follow along” videos that show you step by step what to look for and client perspective advice on what they see when they read certain things on your profile.

4 easy to follow chapters chockful of "implement now" techniques

You’ll learn: 

  • How to write a standout title
  • How to write a summary that attracts your ideal client!
  • The difference a profile video can make
  • The importance of your Upwork hourly rate (even if you don’t work hourly)

What About The Writer's Proposal Template? What's in There?

Everything you need to create a proposal that gets responses. Step by step.

Fillable Fields

Take your notes and jot your ideas right into the template. No need to write anywhere else until you’re ready to send to your prospect. 

A Duplicable Step-by-Step Process

This process doesn’t just work for some people. If you’re a great writer, you can take this process and implement it out of the box. Eventually, you’ll be able to do it off the top of your head!

A Chance To See How This Works

Real examples from when I used these tactics to get responses and eventually land those clients. I also offer insight from a client’s perspective on some common freelancer proposal mistakes.

"Ruthie Bowles has nailed it! At last, a guide to working on Upwork that gives practical, actionable tips. Her Writer’s Proposal Template Guide tells it like it is, and clears up so much confusion for writers at any stage of their career."

Ready to Attract High-Quality Clients?

Then you’ll want to get this bundle as soon as it’s available. So click the button and invest in your freelance writing business today. You get BOTH ebooks in this bundle for only $14.99. You just need one great client to recoup that cost in the first writing project you land with these techniques. 

The sooner you start making changes, the sooner you’ll start SEEING changes.