When Was The Last Time You Focused on the Core of Your Business?

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“What core?” you’re asking.

Your Brand Core. Your WHY.

Once you identify your WHY, the crystal clarity may shock you. You’ll know how to:

  • Find clients that feed your soul
  • Make business decisions anchored in your values
  • Scale ethically without sacrificing client experience
  • Tap emotions for authentic content creation

Your WHY guides your decisions, makes your business resilient in the face of life's radiation, and inspires your magnetic marketing.

During this intimate $167 three-hour workshop you will explore the real passion fueling your business. 

Ruthie will walk you through the 4 different layers of your WHY and explain how they influence the different parts of your business. 

You’ll get real-time feedback on how you can refine and distill your WHY energy to create magnetic marketing and create a brand that builds community. 

There are only 5 seats in each workshop, so secure your spot now!


Hear from some of the business owners who have attended The WHY Workshop in the past!

Charles R. Merkel - Business Consultant

Tim Hill - Morning Moments Matter Box

"The caliber of business owners was truly overwhelming where I had to excuse myself a few times during the deep dive into our "Why's" in a different capacity than what many coaching programs and masterminds sell.

The level of vulnerability and authenticity was admirable and I have never felt closer to a group of entrepreneurs than these folks.

Today was a day of validation to continue being a beacon of light to others and live fulfilled. Community is the key to fulfilment and you don't have to do it alone anymore."
domonique Raney
Domonique Raney
Being in DSQ’s Why workshop brought to ask the deeper question of what is at the core of what I do and why I do it.

From my journal came – “I’m diving in, even more diving in, there is a piece, unknowing, a fulfillment of being completely who you are.

That is where I am, what I am and that it's what I do. We, I, have had moments in life designed to crack us open. They have. And they absolutely have. And I know I am not the only one who has experienced this.

I love the pieces I've become. This mosaic, this tapestry. This beauteous mixed media piece of rarified joy. So how do I share that process with the world, help them see their gloriously messy selves and get paid handsomely to do it?

Finally, the question that I can work on with Ruthie. Thank YOU ma’am for getting me there.
stefanie booker atchison
Stefanie Booker Atchison

With only 5 seats available to allow for deep work, please reserve your seat now