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The Defiant Marketing Blog

Looking for the latest and greatest in content marketing defiance? Then look no further. Click the button below and you’ll be taken to our Defiant Marketing blog, perfect for B2B business owners and marketers looking for advice on how to stand out from the crowd. 

Due to our founder’s roots as a freelance content writer, you’ll find content about the state of freelance writing as well. 


The Defiant Business Podcast

Ruthie, founder of Defy The Status Quo, is the host of The Defiant Business Podcast. 

If you want to add a shot of business knowledge to your day, then our 10-minute podcast episodes are the way to do it. 

Monday through Friday, Ruthie will tackle various business issues and concerns relating to marketing, sales, and business management. Subscribe by clicking below. 

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In-Touch Marketing During Turbulent Times

Watch the on-demand workshop to learn how to continue marketing in a human way during times of significant crisis.

Content Coffee Break Community

I created this community to help writers start their own online content creation businesses. I remember the struggle, and I want you to know, you don’t have to do it for one more second.

Downloadable Resources


The Business Owner's Guide to Content Marketing

Do you want to position your website so business leads come to you? What’s all the buzz around content marketing? Some believe it’s the only marketing left. Can it really help your business? Find all of the questions you need to ask as you explore content marketing for your business in our free fillable workbook.


Upwork for Writers + Proposal Template Bundle

Drastically increase your response rate on Upwork by creating a stellar profile and writing proposals that beg for a response. This bundle includes an enhanced ebook with videos to help you create an amazing profile. You’ll also receive a fillable proposal template. Get your training and template today!


The Blogging for Business Toolkit

This toolkit includes everything you need to get your business’ blogging on track. Blog with clear business goals in mind and start attracting your ideal clients to you! Check out the 6 tools in this kit by clicking the button below.


Discovering Your Company Ideology Ebook

Struggling with your company’s direction? Have you taken the time to explore and discover your company’s ideology? It’s the key to having a company that withstands the test of time. Download our free ebook.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Business Ebook

A lot of people are getting curious about LinkedIn. But how do you get started? With a great LinkedIn profile that attracts the right sort of connections to you. Download our free ebook to learn more!