Defiant Marketing Opportunities

Get Your Company In Front of the Right Audience!

Defy The Status Quo has opportunities for you to get your company in front of a growing business audience. We communicate with our audience on social media, email, in our Facebook group, and through our website! 

The Defiant Business Podcast


Be a Guest on Our Podcast Show!

The Defiant Business Podcast gets promoted on all DTSQ channels, and we take serious pride in promoting our guests’ episodes with video, audio, and written social media posts. This isn’t your typical one and done share of your episode. 

We bring all of our graphic design, video creation, and social media marketing skills to show off your contribution to our podcast! 

Sponsor an Episode!

Want to get in front of a business audience to announce a new service, product launch, or just to increase brand awareness? The Defiant Business Podcast can help you with that!

When you sponsor a DBP episode, your company is promoted in all of our social media and email promotion for that episode. Additionally, we’ll put a brief description of your company on the blog post and a link back to your site. 

Tell Me Something Good!


“Tell Me Something Good!” is the name of our new email newsletter series. We also plan on posting the newsletters to Ruthie’s LinkedIn profile and the Defy The Status Quo blog (so you’ll get some backlinks)!

We want to hear about new contract or project wins, your company’s support of a charity, major shifts in your business’ mission, your new book, and more! Depending on the response, we’ll choose 5-10 to share each week.

The B2B Spotlight!


Do you have an amazing business pal who deserves a spotlight on their efforts? Or perhaps there’s a company that you really admire? Nominate them for the B2B spotlight!

If you’ve recently seen an amazing speaker, participated in a great workshop, or worked with a great freelancer or company? Nominate them!

Read a fantastic business book from a new author? Nominate them!

See a professional or company rocking it in their marketing? Nominate them!

We’ll select a maximum of 10 nominations per episode of the Defiant Business Show, which is a bi-weekly TV show broadcast on Roku and Amazon Fire TV by the Paradigm TV Network.

We’ll let your business pal know that they’ve been nominated, but we won’t tell them it was you! We’ll let that surprise unveil itself during the episode! Please, don’t nominate yourself! 

Spotlight nominations need to include a short 30-second video submission recorded vertically on your phone or landscape on your desktop or laptop.

Sponsor a Segment of The Defiant Business Show


The Defiant Business Show is entertainment for professionals. We cover a variety of topics with fascinating guests. We’re approaching sponsorship in a different way than you might be used to, and we’re committed to helping our sponsors get as much visibility as possible!

On the flipside, not everyone who applies will be a great fit for the Defiant Business Show. Despite these being paid opportunities, we want to make sure that our audience would benefit from hearing about your company.
We will promote all sponsors in hand with our guests for the two weeks leading up to the episode premiere. Sponsor logos will be included in the episode trailer.

Sponsors will also be included in any post episode marketing content.

To fit a variety of budgets, we’ve developed 3 different tiers for Defiant Business Show sponsors!