In-Touch Marketing During Turbulent Times

Watch the on-demand workshop to learn how to continue marketing in a human way during times of significant crisis.


I don’t know about you, but if I get one more “Here’s what we’re doing regarding COVID-19” emails, I’m going to throw my inbox in the trash. 

Just the other day, I got one from a pizza chain who hasn’t sent me an email in ages down in Georgia. Which means I haven’t ordered from them since 2012 🙄!

covid-19 email

Are you marketing in a tone deaf manner?


Have you basically stopped marketing because you aren’t sure how to proceed?


As a consulting firm or service business, you’re likely pursuing a few strong leads at a time and wrestling with long decision-making cycles. How is your business supposed to survive (let alone thrive) if you halt marketing for weeks or months? 

If the answer isn’t spamming your email list with “what you’re doing to handle COVID-19,” then what should you do instead? Is it okay to “sell” anything right now?

Perhaps you’re in a good position with client work right now, but what about in the coming months? How can you continue to market long-term without making decisions with a fear mindset?

Not marketing at all definitely isn’t the answer, and I want to help you figure out what you should do instead. 

What if you had a marketing plan that let your audience know you’re still here for them, but your message was communicated in a human and in touch way? 

It’s going to require some careful consideration of not just your business’ positioning but also your target audience’s situation. 

That’s what this workshop will help you work through. 

My name is Ruthie Bowles. I’m the founder and chief content strategist at Defy The Status Quo. I’ve built a business around helping my clients do what their competitors won’t or can’t to stand head and shoulders in their industries.

What You Will Get From This On-Demand Workshop:

You will learn how to: 

  • Evaluate your individual buyer persona’s likely situations and concerns
  • Translate your current portfolio to reach out to new clients in different niches
  • Look at new possible service offering to assist your current clients and appeal to prospects
  • Create a crisis marketing plan that reaches your audience in a way that’s aligned with your brand and their needs

You will also receive a workbook to help you apply everything you learn and create a marketing plan to carry you through the current crisis, not to mention any future ones.

This Workshop is For You If:

  • You’re a solo consultant, consulting firm, or digital service business looking for genuine and human marketing strategies to carry you through these turbulent times
  • You work with businesses or governments directly impacted by our current global crisis
  • Your business has been directly or indirectly affected by new state or national laws
  • Your services have quickly fallen into the “nice-to-have” category as your audience worries over the coming weeks

About the Speaker


Ruthie Bowles | Chief Content Marketing Strategist

Ruthie Bowles is an entrepreneur that started a “profitable-from-day-1” business in content marketing from nothing. No previous experience and no professional network. Using her creative talents and analytical skills developed while working with the US intelligence community, Ruthie creates and executes standout and holistic content marketing strategies for consulting firms and digital service companies. On one hand, Ruthie is a podcaster, speaker, soon-to-be author, entrepreneur. On the other hand, she is a wife, mother, and daughter to people in at-risk categories during a health crisis.