You know you could market your business properly if someone told you how! We're that someone.


Wouldn't It Be Great if You Had a Marketing Shoulder Angel?

Someone to guide you around the pitfalls of marketing your business?

Well, we can’t officially offer divine intervention as a service. However, as a Defiant Entrepreneur, we’ll help ignite your imagination, inspiring the business creative in you. 

We’ll also help you navigate around any marketing issues you have, like dealing with a poor contractor or agency. 

Here's What Some Defiant Entrepreneurs Have to Say:

Ruthie has been an invaluable member of our team as we launched our website and focus on generating leads. She is a true professional with a knack for anticipating our team’s needs and providing expert advice that saves us time and money. As an entrepreneur who has benefited greatly from her help, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ruthie for your marketing, content, and SEO lead generation needs.
I was looking for a copywriter with a very specific skillset, and had almost lost my hopes... When Ruthie got in touch with me. Let me tell you one thing: Ruthie is the BOMB! Top-notch creative writer, top-notch communication at all stages, helpful and responsive, and goes the extra mile. I'm going to be working with her for a LONG time. And if you too need a top-quality native US English speaker for your copy, drop her a line now.
I work with clients ready to explore their lives, determined to bounce back, make the changes they need to move forward, living with purpose and peace. But my incoming client flow was low. I had no social media influence and my website was a horror, and I didn’t know how to use online traffic to make it better. Enter Ruthie Bowles. First, she listened to what I wanted my online presence to be. In non-marketing speak, she gave me direct answers to my questions and challenged my understanding in a couple of key areas. Then she assessed where I went wrong with my previous designer, gave me the tools to interview internet vendors intelligently, and saved me a ton of money by reviewing their proposals. Working with her was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks Ruthie!

There are a few ways we can help your small business Defy the Status Quo

The DTSQ Monthly Consulting Group

Every quarter, we’ll create a custom marketing plan for your business. Once per month, you’ll have a small group session with other Defiant Entrepreneurs. During this call, we’ll cover your most pressing issues, and make sure you’re making progress. 

We’ll be able to go over your marketing and business development needs, benefiting your small group in the process. 

Every month, we’ll also interview a DTSQ-approved small business professional, giving you early access to their valuable knowledge. 

This plan is $99 per month, with a 6-month commitment.

Strategic Advisory Consulting

This service is great for businesses who need more on demand marketing consulting, but aren’t quite at the point where they can hire a marketing manager or CMO. 

We’ll be available for video and phone conferences, and in person meetings with your vendors. We can also vet any new content hires or contractors you’re seeking to add to your team. 

Our hourly rate is $150, with a 10% off special rate if you require 3 or more hours. This is a 6-month agreement. 

The DTSQ Marketing "Cyrano" Private Consulting

Cyrano de Bergerac was an eloquent man who felt like his love could never return his affections. So he told a handsome man what to say to woo her. And it worked. 

In addition to being able to take part in the DTSQ monthly consulting group, you’ll also get a 30-minute monthly consultation call to hone in on your marketing and business development needs.  We’ll provide guidance before hand to keep your call focused, making it a power session. 

We’ll also communicate weekly to make sure your marketing plan is working for your business.

This plan is $149 per month, with a 6-month commitment.


LinkedIn Profile and Strategy Development

You see people generating new business from LinkedIn, but when you post, all you get are crickets. Well, the very best LinkedIn connections are selective about who they add. Which means you need to show them why they want you in their network. 

This package offers three sessions which include an evaluation of your profile and your network. We’ll provide you with recommendations and changes to make. Once you make those changes, we’ll review and let you know where further changes can be made. 

Our final session will cover an in-depth strategy for you to use on LinkedIn for the next 90 days to position yourself for consistent growth and exposure on the platform. 

This package is $350. 

Our content creation services may be outside of your budget, but investing in our content strategy and planning services can help you keep your content marketing strategy on the right track. 

Both of our ongoing consulting plans give you the power of advanced marketing knowledge typically reserved for larger more established businesses. We want to spread the marketing love though.

If you bring the DTSQ into your business, you’ll also have access to our instructional video library. Our video library will cover practical things like setting up your business website on a budget, starting and managing email marketing, and social media. Make a request, and we’ll make a new video!

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