Content That Connects to the Human on the Other Side of the Webpage

B2B professionals want a B2C experience. Which means not only does your content have to be sophisticated, it can’t be boring! You need content that digs deeply into issues and topics that your clients care about.

Isn't There Too Much Content Already?

Yes. There is too much mediocre content online. Which means that when you put well-researched and entertaining content on your website, it stands out. It’s memorable. It gets shared. You can start discussions with one well placed blog post. 

Content Services That Support Your Entire Marketing and Business Development Effort

We offer a variety of content services meant to showcase your company’s thought leadership and create meaningful connections to the clients you want most. By offering strategy and content plans in addition to content creation, you’ll have a content marketing plan that works together instead of in silos.

The services below can give you an idea of our capabilities. All of our client relationships begin with a thorough analysis of your business, and we will create a custom strategy and plan. 

Website Content

Your clients may be dazzled by a pretty website design, but it all falls apart quickly if your website content is lackluster or confusing. Work with us to create website content that aligns with your company’s mission, and will have new clients eager to work with you. 

Website content packages start at $1,500 for up to 5 pages.

Blog Post Topic Clusters

One blog post won’t do much to move the SEO needle. Yes, it gives you something to share with your email list and social media, but then what? Blog post topic clusters build your website’s authority on a topic. They also encourage site visitors to stay and read more. 

Topic clusters have a minimum of 5 blog posts and start at $7,000. Includes cluster strategy development and an ebook of the series for lead generation

White Papers

You can use white papers as downloadable content for lead generation. Or perhaps your sales team would like a white paper they can give to hot prospects. White papers show your sophisticated clients that your company truly has the expertise they need to succeed. 

White Papers start at $3,000, with an additional fee for the white paper plan of $600.

Case Studies

People love stories. Tell your clients’ stories, and highlight your company’s passion, through expertly done case studies. Customer success stories help prospective clients see the end vision. Everyone wants to succeed. Show them what success looks like using your clients’ stories. 

Case studies begin at $1,200 and include up to two interviews each. 

Ebooks and Workbooks

Ebooks are a great way to generate leads or create paid products for your site. 

Workbooks are fillable PDFs that guide the reader through a problem, offering compelling questions and options for them to type in. Also great as client onboarding documents. 

Workbooks start at $1,500, and ebooks start at $2,000.

Podcast and Video Repurposing

If your company has audio or video content that you don’t know what to do with, let us repurpose it. You’ve already created the content. 

We’ll show you how it can live again via blogging, social media, and email. 

Podcast and video repurposing is a completely custom service for each client. 

Social Media

You can post once per day on every social channel. Or you can approach social media with a strategy that generates more leads and clients. Each channel has to be approached in an optimal way to build the sort of loyal community every company wants. 

We only offer social media services in tandem with larger content initiatives. 

SEO Content Audit & Editing

You have a lot of content written already, but do you know if it meets Google’s high-quality content standards?  After performing a content audit, we’ll tell you what you need to do to make Google love your content. Then we’ll elevate your content to a level that reflects your company’s excellence. 

SEO editing is a service that is tailored to each client’s needs. 

For Strategy and Consultation

  • Content Marketing Strategy, which includes an assessment of your content marketing strategy efforts and a way forward.
  • Quarterly Editorial Content Plans, which includes keyword research

We’re also available to consult on your active and future projects. 

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