Program Investment Calculator

Info for the Coaching & Consulting Program Calculator

This calculator is not meant to be the end all be all for what fees should be for any coach or consultant. Our hope is that this calculator will give potential clients of any business coach or consultant a moment of pause to consider whether their business should really be making an investment of the size they’re facing. 

This calculator is also for coaches and consultants. For this audience, we hope that this may help you determine whether your ideal client profile paints a picture of a business that can weather this investment if the client doesn’t get what you’ve marketed to them. Or if (depending on their current revenue) an investment of this size makes sense. 

Calculator Definitions

Program Fee: what it costs to participate in the program

Program Length: the duration of the program, in months

Program Investment Threshold: how much the business has budgeted for coaching, consulting or services for the YEAR. Enter as a whole percentage, e.g. 10%, which is the default.

Recommended Revenue: the amount of revenue the prospect ALREADY expects to make without coaching, consulting, or services for the duration of the program

Recommended Monthly Revenue: recommended monthly revenue of the prospect to make the program fee a reasonable risk.