Don't Blog Aimlessly.
Attract Business Leads Instead

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You published your latest blog post and…… Crickets. 

Only a few people read it, no one engaged on social media, and it certainly didn’t generate more business. 

What are you doing wrong? How do you do business blogging right? 

It’s about time to find out. 

Why Can't You Connect With Clients Through Blogging?

I wish I could tell you it’s because there’s too much content out there. 

But that’s not the case. Well, it’s not the case if you only count good content. 

There’s too much mediocre content, that’s true. 

“What are we doing wrong?” you ask. Blogging is too much work if it isn’t going to bring in results. 

What if I told you your mistakes aren’t unique? That there’s an easy way to identify AND fix them?

Why Don't Your Blog Posts Interest Anyone? Isn't Content the Key to Organic Traffic?

What’s your content marketing strategy? Where did your content calendar topics come from? 

Did you make a content calendar

How well do your content topics reflect your buyer persona research?

What’s your distribution and promotion plan once you hit publish? 

I hate to tell you, but blogging for business isn’t a “build it and they will come” situation. 

Ruthie's B4B Toolkit and all of her collateral materials and her research is really a dream come true for entrepreneurs and those who need to educate themselves on the importance of content creation, blogging, and SEO. Ruthie breaks it all down into bite-sized pieces and even adds in humor which makes it all the more fun! Thank you, Ruthie, for your expertise and hard work!

But What If You Had the Tools Full Content Marketing Teams Use?

What if you knew how to think like your ideal clients and create buyer personas? 

What if you could create a quarterly content calendar in a matter of hours?

What if you went from 5 daily site views to 25, 100, or even 200 views (or more) per day? 

What if you knew exactly when and where to share your new blog posts?

What if someone gave you the tools you needed to SUCCEED?

How different would your business blogging efforts be then?


Who Am I, to Offer to Help You With Anything?

How Did I Get Here?

I’m the owner and Chief Content Marketing Strategist at Defy The Status Quo. DTSQ is a high-end content marketing agency that helps B2B consulting and service firms connect with their ideal clients. 

I run into business people every day who want to use content to market their businesses, but… they don’t know where to begin. 

There’s so much information out there, but who do you trust? 

Well if you’ve met me, heard me talk about content online or in person, then you already know that my passion for effective content marketing is fueled by implementing results-oriented content marketing strategies.

Content marketing isn’t just for large businesses. You can do it without outsourcing IF you have the right knowledge and tools to get you started. 

From Stage Left, The Blogging For Business Toolkit!


eBooks + Templates + Checklist= Blogging Success!

If you’re ready to start blogging for your business the right way, then this toolkit is for you. Scroll down and you’ll learn more about the training books, templates, and checklists I use when I’m building the strategy foundation my clients count on for success. 

You can have all of the tools in this comprehensive toolkit for $59.99

Not to mention, you’ll receive any and all updates we make to it FOREVER.

Get your toolkit today!

How Long Does This Take?

This toolkit is set up to deliver just-in-time information. If you go through it in the recommended order, you’ll be able to set up a complete blogging strategy in minimal time.

If you dedicate a few hours here and there over the next week, you will have a strong strategy foundation to build on. 

Your business blogging efforts will be EFFECTIVE. They will have DIRECTION. 

You said “If someone could just tell me what to do, I would do it.” Well here’s your chance. I’m telling you. Are you going to listen?

What's in the Blogging For Business Toolkit? What Do You Get?

The simplified instruction you need to create blogs that attract customers and search engines.

Writing for Search Engines (and People)! Training Book

This training book will walk you through 5 main areas you need to focus on (besides writing helpful content) to garner search engine love and to attract your ideal clients or customers. 

Your Blogging Strategy and Distribution Plan Workbook

You need a documented strategy to keep everyone (or just you) heading in the right direction. You also have to plan out how you’ll distribute your content. Why? Because you didn’t do all of that hard work for no one to read it! This fillable workbook will help you get your plan in order. 

The Before You Publish Checklist

You’ve finished your blog post… or have you? Use our Before You Publish Checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

Keeping track of content for our company blog can be overwhelming at times, but Ruthie's quarterly planner toolkit and buyer persona have been really helpful tools for us to keep things straight. We now better understand who our target readers are for each article we post and can plan further ahead with more organization for our team. Thank you!!

You Said There Were Templates... What Kind of Templates?

Templates for building your blogging strategy. When we get new clients, we break these out!

The Quarterly Content Plan Template

This template will let you put all of your blog ideas in one place. There are 4 tabs, one for each quarter, so you can even plan out the whole year. Our fields help you determine how to prioritize topics. Because it’s a Google Sheet, you can easily collaborate with your team, or share with peers for feedback. 

Your Buyer Persona Template

The buyer persona is your ideal customer. When you pull this information together, it helps you blog for that person, attracting your ideal customer to you through your blog content. In addition to the basic infomation you need to gather, we’ve included buyer’s journey mapping slides!

The Keyword Research Video

Follow me as I walk through free tools that you can use to build your blogging strategy. Keywords are important because they tell you what your customers or clients actually care about. 

Ready to Blog with a Purpose? Then Get Your Toolkit!

Click the button below and finally create a blogging strategy that makes sense for your business. REMEMBER: Buying now means you receive the tools we use at DTSQ to build lead generating content strategies for just $59.99.

The sooner you start making changes, the sooner you’ll start SEEING changes.