Ruthie's Author Services

Hello, nice to see you here. My name is Ruthie. You could be here for a few different reasons. So check out my author services below, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

All rates listed on this page are in United States Dollars (USD).

Audiobook Samples

Bringing a book to life through audio is an art, no matter what the topic is. I offer a wide vocal range and a spectrum of emotional expression. My empathy and imagination allow me to connect deeply with the characters or points of view presented in your book. 

I’m currently working on developing my accents for cultures of color specifically, and focus on science fiction, fantasy, romance, and business books. 

Elohim (Urban Fantasy)

Aerisia (Epic Fantasy)

What Business Owners Need to Know (Non-Fiction)

Reverie (Contemporary Romance)

Not yet Published

Audiobook Narration Rates

My audiobook narration rate range is $25-$27 per 1,000 words. This equates to about $250-$280 Per Finished Hour. 

I accept contracts through ACX or Findaway Voices currently. 

Interested in a Royalty Share+ or Voices Plus arrangement (Production fee + royalty sharing)? My rate range for RS+ or Voices Plus is $12-$14 per 1000 words. This equates to $111-$130 Per Finished Hour. 

Book Trailer Voiceover

Don’t have the budget for audiobook narration at this time but still would love to hear some of your book’s iconic scenes brought to life through audio? 

Go beyond text overlay and add voiceover to your book trailers and teasers. 

One 30-60 second voiceover 


Two 30-60 second voiceovers


Three 30-60 second voiceovers


Book trailer voiceovers can be created for synopsis style trailers or for scene trailers. You will provide the script, and I will offer any tweaks and recommendations before we finalize it and I record! 

Once the audio has been approved, I can provide the audio file to you and/or lay the audio over a trailer you’ve already created. 

You will be able to use my voice in a variety of different videos, and you’ll have the commercial license for that particular piece of audio(s).

Sensitivity Reading & consulting

Do you feel moved to create fictional universes that are just as diverse as our shared reality but are concerned about misrepresenting a community or marginalized group you aren’t a part of? My sensitivity reading services may be able to help you with that. 

Areas I sensitivity read for based on life experience and expertise: 

My father is Black and my mother is white. While I consider myself a part of the Black community, I struggled as a teen with feelings of not being “enough” of either to really fit in. 

I served in the United States Army for 8.5 years and completed a 12-month deployement. My first duty station was at an infantry base, and I was a member of the Intelligence Community for 10 years, including my civilian work. 

I was raised as a Christian, and it never really fit for me. Eventually, during my deployment, I found myself exploring various Pagan spiritual practices. I identify as an Eclectic Pagan, but have knowledge of many spiritual practices that fall under this umbrella. 

During my military time, I was raped twice. The first time was by an emotionally abusive boyfriend. I reported it and the military did nothing. The second time was the night I returned from Afghanistan by another Soldier I barely knew. 

One of my children was adopted from within my family, and it was not an easy thing to do. 

I met my husband while we were deployed. Particularly with the current conversations around race, it hasn’t been easy to be married to someone from a different ethnic background. 

Throughout my life I have often found myself alone in spaces that are predominantly white for a variety of reasons. Ex: when we first moved into our current neighborhood, I was mistaken for my kids nanny several times by neighbors. 

Being married to someone with chronic illnesses is a tough and emotional path. There’s sometimes resentment that’s always accompanied by guilt. It’s a complex struggle to experience. 

Sensitivity Reading Rates

My rates for sensitivity reading are also per word. Just think of me as your Diversity Editor. 

30,000 or less: $ .007 per word

31,000-50,000: $ .006 per word

50,001-75,000: $ .005 per word

75,001-100,000: $ .004 per word

100,001+: $ .003 per word

Developmental Sensitivity Consultation

Did your imagination concoct a story that has you placing characters outside of your lived experience front and center? 

Want to create a world that has rich cultures but aren’t sure how to develop societal issues in that world? 

Have a ton of ideas bouncing around and want a sounding board from the perspective of any of the identities listed above? 

Then your story may benefit from a sensitivity consultation. 

During this $60 sixty-minute call, we’ll go over your proposed plot, and I’ll answer any questions you have to improve the presentation of your characters and their societal groups. 

This call is typically done before you’ve begun any serious writing to help you get over any obstacles that are blocking your creativity as it relates to character development and world building. 

My Qualifications & Training

Cornell Business Ethics Certificate
EQ-i 2.0 Certified (Emotional Intelligence)
EIQ-2 Certified (Emotional Intelligence)

I am also currently in the final year of my social psychology degree program which has placed a heavy emphasis on personality development, social justice, and emotional intelligence.

My past as a Middle Eastern area studies expert and government intelligence analyst means that not only can I spot problematic depections in your project, I can specifically explain why and provide sources that support my lived experiences.