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Tell Me Something Good #9

After weeks of fighting off predators and agonizing over the stress on my duck hens, the duck eggs hatched! There were 8 ducklings originally, but one didn’t make it. 

Of course, this made me sad, but I’m choosing to focus on the 7 little ducklings walking around and being cute. 

If you experienced any business setbacks this week, just know that you can move forward. The future just may not be what you expect. 

Even if you feel like you have no incoming business at all, it may just be a time to pivot and evaluate where you want things to go next. 

That being said, let’s dive into this week’s good news business stories. Maybe they’ll inspire you!

Over 100 Cases of Snacks Donated to Local Organizations and Frontline COVID-19 Workers

Mary’s Gone Crackers, the largest organic and gluten-free cracker company in the United States, donated over 100 cases of crackers to the underserved Reno community and frontline COVID-19 workers.

“Our mission is to give back to our local community and COVID-19 front-liners who have put themselves at great risk to protect us all,” said Mary’s Gone Crackers Chairman, Tetsuya Fujisaki. “We hope our donations can provide hope and fuel as we all endure challenging times.”

An additional eight cases of crackers will be donated to frontline residents at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Yale New Haven Hospital for critical care doctors who are staying in hotels to protect their families and elder relatives. Through a partnership with Showplace HQ, Mary’s will also contribute several more boxes to Airbnb hosts nationwide accommodating COVID-19 healthcare workers.

Responding to Interest with New Content

Loren Freed of The Health Muse told me that she published two new websites. If you’ve ever been involved in setting up a website, you know what a feat this is!

One of her websites is for her business, The Health Muse, which provides inspired copywriting and content writing for the health and wellness sector. The other, The Extraordinary Times Gardening Blog, was motivated by the increased interest in gardening during the quarantine.

I’ve heard from my local farm store that they sold out of their baby chicks within 24 hours of receiving a shipment. It seems like back-to-Earth living is of interest to many people!

If you have a need for health and wellness content, or you need some gardening tips, be sure to check out her websites!

Fun Content Involving Your Family Pet

SERVPRO of Annapolis/Severna Park is holding a Facebook contest centered around our family pups through July 31st. Do you want a coffee mug decorated with your pooch? Then head over to their Facebook post and follow their instructions to a T!

Overnight Success After 22 Years

John Schwind, President of Global Safety First, told me about his invention the Readimask. He and his fellow co-inventors worked for years to create the market’s first adhesive-seal safety mask.

After eight years of working “with” the government, they achieved N95 certification in March 2019. Still, the crowning moment achievement — during the coronavirus pandemic — was signing an agreement and partnering with Fortune 400 Avery Denison.

Avery agreed to manufacture and sell the N95 ReadiMask for their medical unit. Sales exploded, and the Readimask became an overnight success…after just 22 years.

Remember, sharing is caring! So if you have a great business story to share, please clue me in so I can get your good news out there. You never know what your story might inspire in others!

If you see collaboration or business opportunities with the companies featured here, be sure to reach out to them.