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The Importance of Going Deep on Your WHY

Welcome to this week’s Marketing Monday. Thank you for joining me! Today – aside from our main topic – I have a spam alert for you! 

Spam Alert: Steeds Media

Steeds Media is their name, and spam is their game. They’re a social media marketing agency, and then their tagline is, “Your profit maximization is our success”. I think that could use some testing. I got friend requested by 4-5 of their virtual assistants, which is how I came to know about them.

I’m going to show you some of the chats that we had. 

Steeds Media spam chat 1

In the 1st chat, the virtual assistant says, “Hi Ruthie, thank you for connecting! I’ve checked your profile out and I saw that you are a founder at Ruthie Bowles. Love your profile! Was wondering if you are looking for qualified and trained VA’s to help you expand and optimize your business profits using our platform all organically. How it works is that you’ll have your own personal VA who brings in 15-20 appointments a month at least, and manages all other work. Since the organic method never fails I’m pretty confident you’ll love the process. Please let me know.” Spoiler alert: the organic method was about to fail. 

And I responded with, “What I’m usually looking for is someone who doesn’t copy and paste the wrong part of my business Facebook page in their first message to me.” Now, that’s true. 

Steeds Media Spam chat 2

She said, “Apologies.” And then she copied and pasted from my personal Facebook page Founder, Authority Marketing Strategist at Ruthie Bowles, Defy The Status Quo Marketing. I explained to her, “My brand is just Defy The Status Quo. My name is Ruthie Bowles, and I’m a marketing strategist. I am the founder of Defy The Status Quo, which is my brand. I am the face of my company, which is why my name is on the Facebook business page.” 

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting…

Steeds Media chat 3

Next, she said, “Perfect! Your profile is great!” And she proceeded to copy and paste a portion of the first message. I just told her, “You just copied and pasted the same message… I’m blown away, but not in a good way. If this is an example of your approach, it’s a hard pass for me.” That means get out of my DMs. 

Then, she comes back with, “No problem. Feel free to book a meeting on the following link to clear your queries in case you change your mind. Thank you.” I don’t even know what to say to that. I feel like she’s either completely missing the point, or she’s got a set of scripted replies. And then I got a second person who messaged me the exact same script. 

Who Does This Work On?

They say they’re going to bring you 15-20 calls, but I’m not even sure they can get that many calls for themselves. Also, if you go to my Facebook page, my bio says, “Do not slide into my DMs, or I will turn you into a TikTok video.” So y’all know that this is coming. 

Someone said in the live, “Desperate makes for a good client too.” Which is sarcasm, because desperate never makes for a good client. The only people who are actually going to buy into that are either desperate or naive. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, because all of us were desperate/naive at some point.

But that’s exactly what I’m saying; those are the only people it’s going to work on. 

That incident riled me up this morning, which is why I wanted to share it with you guys. Avoid Steeds Media’s virtual assistants, unless you want to deal with the spam. And I would advise dealing with the spam if you’ve got a creative way of handling it, much like myself.

These people give me fodder for content and an opportunity to point out why these things are wrong and how you could do better. If they’re that determined to miss the point, I know you guys won’t. 

the importance of going deep on your WHY

Seeking Your Polaris

Today we’re actually going to be talking about going deep with your why, and why that’s important. In my new program, when I talk about your WHY, I call it your Polaris – which is the name of the North Star. You can find it if you can on the tail end on the handle of Ursa Minor. It’s only a few degrees off of the true North Pole, which is why I call it “Seeking Your Polaris”. 

When you go deep with your why, you tend to go deep with yourself. I bet that you didn’t realize that when you signed up to be an entrepreneur, you signed up for a journey of self discovery.

When I was at the entrepreneur membership office, I remember filling out the form and getting my entrepreneur membership card. But I don’t recall checking any box opting for a journey of self-discovery. But here we are. 

And the reason why we’re here is we can’t effectively execute the tactics deployed by companies like Steeds Media and other things that strike us as wrong, unfriendly and dissonant – though they can’t effectively execute them either.

There’s a dissonance in those approaches that just doesn’t work for us. When you have identified your Polaris, it makes it so easy to spot these things. 

The Dangers of a Shallow Why

When you have a shallow why, you tend to lack clarity. And when you don’t have clarity, it’s obvious. You end up infusing that lack of clarity into all of your content. It makes its way into your sales calls, live streams, all of your DMs to people, and everything that you put out for your business. 

It’s always present – even if you’re not conscious of it. So it’s going to hurt your efforts to grow your business. I can tell you this because I’ve experienced it. A shallow why might be, “I want to help business owners save time, so that’s why I write their content.” 

Really? That’s what gets you up and moving, day-in and day-out? No. That’s a benefit of the work that you do for your client, but that can’t be the driving force. There’s got to be something deeper, but you’re at the shallow end of the pool. 

Going Deeper On My Own WHY

When you discover what your why, it should shock and excite you! I had a shallow why. My why was, “I want to help DEI consultants and other social activists create great content because if I’m helping them with their marketing, they’re going to be better enabled to go out, get more clients and continue doing their awesome work.” That’s decent, but it wasn’t my true why. 

After doing some work and diving deep on my own, I realized that what really lights my fire is helping my clients discover exactly how they actually want to be positioned, helping them do things like figure out their why, and pull their brand into alignment with their true, authentic selves.

My why is this vision of a world where everyone lives with their brightness turned all the way up. 

And in my mind’s eye, when you show up authentically, you shine like a star and people can see it. So if I could help even 100 people live their lives in an authentic way during the course of my life, that’s a worthwhile life to me. 

Your Why and Your Authentic Self

A couple of weeks ago I was in a Clubhouse room with Les Brown. He was basically saying to imagine yourself on your deathbed. Instead of being surrounded by your family, you’re surrounded by your hopes, dreams, talents, and everything that you could have done but you didn’t. 

Imagine that they’re angry because they were given to you, only for you to not stand up for them. You didn’t have the courage to stand up for your hopes and dreams. So now they have no choice but to also die with you. 

And there’s another quote that says, “The graveyard is the richest place in the world, because it’s the resting place of countless hopes and dreams, books and vaccines, and solutions to problems that plague us.”

How many of us are going to store what we could have given to the world in the graveyard? 

I think that that is a huge part of authenticity. When you have the courage to fully show up, other people feel as if they have permission to fully show up too. 

Please let me know in the comments if any of what I said resonated with you. I’m getting ready to launch a beta group for my new program Build a Supernova Brand.

In this program we’ll be working through not just accepting and understanding blocks and fears around showing up authentically in your marketing, but also:

  • doing some deep self and brand evaluations,
  • working to make sure that everything is in alignment, as well as
  • learning how to tell your story and translate it over into marketing. 

If you’re interested in diving deep into not just into your why, but also yourself and learning how to actually express it like the star that you are, schedule your alignment session with me today.

Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it, and I’m looking forward to the rest of this week. 

the importance of going deep on your WHY