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Radically Authentic Marketing- Why Some of Us Need It and Some of Us Don’t

Hey, everybody! I hope you’re just as excited about this Marketing Monday as I am. Before we get into that, I wanted to let you know that I’m still going strong on Clubhouse. I’ve co-hosted 2 rooms where we discussed the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. I’ve been working on an emotional intelligence certification through the EIQ-2 Center and as such was very excited to look at that book from that perspective, just because I know emotional intelligence is incredibly easy to manipulate. 

What Is Radical Authenticity?

I refer to it as radical authenticity because in the marketing space, being authentic is becoming trite. So I started wondering how I can make people understand that that is not what I’m talking about, and I ended up with radical authenticity. 

What It Means to Be Radically Authentic

One of the things is committing to the internal work. You cannot be authentic with someone else if you’re not first being authentic with yourself. I’m not saying unless you’re actively working on it, you’re being inauthentic. We all do the best we can with what we’ve got, but when you know better, you do better. 

In my personal experience talking to my clients and working in the Army, all of us have pieces of ourselves that we have learned to hide. Maybe we were exposed to the fact that that piece of ourselves was not welcome for whatever reason, so we suppressed it. There’s some internal work that we have to commit to. 

Being radically authentic is a lifelong practice. You have to be mindful of when and why you are holding back. After you recognize that suppression, you realize that you consume way more energy by suppressing it than if you were to express it. Expressing who you naturally are comes easy to you. Whereas when you’re putting on a facade, you’re consuming way more energy than if you just let it out. 

This is the intersection between authenticity and business. There is a cost for being so purpose and heart-driven, which I talk more in-depth about in my blog post Don’t Turn Social Media Posts Into Traps. You post something in a group, you friend everybody who engages with it, and then you message all of those people, immediately asking them deeply personal questions. They really have no reason to trust you, so the cost of being so heart-driven is that we just can’t stomach those tactics. 

You may think, “I don’t care what the numbers say. This is spammy. I don’t like this tactic, and I don’t want to post these super salesy things on social media.” Well, it doesn’t have to be that way when you work on your marketing from a place of authenticity. 

Things That May Be Holding You Back From Being Radically Authentic

I wanted to share some examples of what is typically holding back my clients from authentically expressing themselves in their business. 

Am I Adding to the Noise?

People will sometimes ask me, “There’s just so much out there and I don’t want to add to the noise. Am I just adding to the noise?” If you’ve ever sat at an event, you can feel the difference between somebody who’s speaking from an authentic place and somebody who’s not. 

People who are tapping into their authenticity and conviction are able to move you without having to use any special effect or tricks. So if you think you’re coming from an inauthentic place, you probably are just adding to the noise. 

Is My Content Resonating With People?

If you do not put anything out there, you will never know. A common fear is, “What if I go live and nobody watches? Obviously, nobody cares about what I want to say. They don’t think that I’m worth giving time to.” I think you might be jumping to conclusions a little. 

If that happened to me and I’m moving from this space where my authenticity is a bit stronger, my self-worth is a bit stronger. I know that if I’m live and nobody else is watching, they’re probably just busy. It doesn’t have to tie to you and the value of what you’re saying. 

What if you’re going to get a whole bunch of replays later? What if you’ll get comments tomorrow? What if a prospect goes on your profile next week, watches your live stream and wants to talk to you? 

We can’t be sure when the right people will be attracted to the message that we put out, but I can tell you that they will be. You just have to be consistent. And if you want to learn a bit more about consistency and why it’s so hard in marketing, we have a blog post about that too. 

What if Someone Disagrees With My Content?

What if someone disagrees or does not like the content that I put out? First of all, your content should make people disagree. That’s because it’s meant to do 2 things; your content should attract some people and repel others. Your content should be strong enough that it does both simultaneously. 

How many of you have gotten on a prospect call with the wrong type of person? If you’ve done that, your content could have helped that person see that you were not a good fit for them without any direct contact with you. How much time would you have both saved? Time is your non-renewable resource, which means you have to safeguard it. One of the ways that we can do that is with our content. 

If somebody watches this livestream later and they’re like, “What is she talking about with this whole authenticity thing? Business is business. It doesn’t need to have feelings in it.” Then obviously I’m not a good fit for them. So yes, I consider myself a great marketing strategist because my content lets you know if we’re not a good fit for each other. And that’s OK. There’s a way for you too. 

And please don’t confuse the fact that I infuse emotion, purpose and authenticity in marketing with the assumption that I must not look at data. Because what the data tells me is that when I show up fully, my engagement goes up by the numbers. 

And then from that emotional standpoint, I am able to give you guys as much energy as I can. If I was talking about a topic that I was not passionate about or to an audience I didn’t genuinely care about, I would probably just cancel the livestream.

Authenticity and Confidence

These concerns typically tie to authenticity, as well as confidence. When I say authenticity, I am also saying confidence, because I feel like it’s hard to be confident when you don’t genuinely believe in what you’re saying. The reason these concerns are typically tied to authenticity for the heart-driven business owner is because they’re reflecting what we think like. 

Am I just adding to the noise? Is what I have to say even worth putting out into the air? Somebody might really disagree and maybe it’s because I’m wrong. You may be wrong from their perspective, but unless you’re saying that 2+2=5, you’ll probably be fine. 

If there are people out there who can post about the earth being flat with conviction, you can post about your business with conviction. And if they can say with 100% belief that the world is flat, you can get out here and be authentic. 

What I want to leave you guys with is that authenticity is a combination of things and you have to express it for yourself first. 


You have to accept that we all have these different parts of ourselves, but then you will be amazed at how you can see those parts in others. 

You will be amazed at how much easier it’ll be to speak to your audience because you’re tapping into your own emotions, therefore imagining them better. You can empathize better with your audience, so your content really comes through


This is a complex math problem, because courage is actually 2 other things. There’s a precursor to courage, and this is something I used to say to my soldiers. Before you can feel courage, you have to feel fear. Courage is the ability to act in the face of fear. 

So when you feel reluctant regarding publishing content, that’s your opportunity to act courageously. That’s your opportunity to grow, because growth does not happen in your comfort zone.


Vulnerability is a key component to real relationships. If something big happened to you, you call up a friend and talk to them. So I’d call up my friend and be vulnerable with her first, before I came to the livestream. 

You always want to create these safe places where you can be vulnerable with people who have earned your trust. Once you do that, it reinforces its normalcy, and gives you the courage to move forward and talk about it in content. 

Being vulnerable adds depth to you as a human. No matter the type of business you’re running, at our core we’re all human. It’s way easier to blow off someone who has no depth, which is why I make TikToks out of the spammers in my inbox

Just remember that your authenticity is based on your ability to accept the different parts of yourself, the courage to actually live with all of them instead of burying them, and your capacity to be vulnerable enough to share them. 

Thanks for joining me for another Marketing Monday –  I will talk to you again soon!