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The Invisible Gap Between Your Goals and Your Reality

Hey there everyone, and welcome to another Marketing Monday.

As we’re entering the new year, right now is a great time for planning. But there’s a huge gap between you and your business goals, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. 

The Gap Between You and Your Business Goals

So the big problem is that most people don’t have depth perception when it comes to their goals. They shout out into the universe, “I’m going to make 6-figures! I’m going to hit 500K this year! I’m going to do this!” But they fail to translate those big goals into monthly, weekly, and daily actions. 

You have this big goal, you get to the middle of the year and you’re thinking, “Man, I’m not even close to that huge business goal. Why did I even set that goal if I wasn’t going to make it?” You start to discourage yourself about halfway through the year and, and then you definitely won’t make it because you’ve got all this negative energy just weighing you down. 

the invisible gap between your goals and reality

Translating Your Big Goals Into Smaller Ones

So how are you translating those big goals into monthly, weekly and daily actions? I use the word “translating” intentionally, because I used to be a translator. I translated Persian Farsi. And the more advanced you get in a language, there’s less direct translation possible. 

Translating children’s books is generally pretty easy, unless it’s got a bunch of idioms in it. It’s the type of stuff you can translate pretty much word-for-word. But if you’re looking at a movie or an article, that’s incredibly high-level stuff. You have to translate that conceptually. 

That level of translation is incredibly difficult, and that’s where the most skilled translators sit. Even something like Nike’s “Just do it”. You can’t just translate it without considering the ramifications of all the words you’re using. 

How Planning Helps You Realize Your Goals

 I’m seeing a lot of people with their webinars on how to set your goals, but people are failing to ask how you’re going to work towards it every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a think-and-grow-rich type of person. I believe in manifestation. I believe that you attract what you focus on. 

So if you focus on those 6-figures, I’m not saying that you’re not going to get there without translating your big goals down to smaller goals. But why shouldn’t we help it along? How many opportunities might you be missing out on because you failed to translate big goals into bite-sized actions? How many opportunities did you miss last year? 

You Can Get There Faster 

This is a big thing that I do for my clients. We’ve got these big business goals. How does that translate to marketing, and then how does it translate to monthly marketing actions? Those types of big goals translate directly to what type of networking groups you want to be in, whether you should be pivoting, if you should be looking at other streams of income and whether they require different marketing goals and tactics, etc. 

These are the types of things that you have to ask yourself. You get there faster with a plan. When you have your plan laid out, you can more easily assess the opportunities that come to you. 

It Saves You Money, Time and Energy

As a business owner, I have shiny object syndrome. I’m like, “Oh, look at that thing! Maybe I should go chase it.” And then I’ve dispersed my energy, I’m no longer nearly as focused, and don’t have as much time. 

That’s a problem that I have. And this problem is remedied by the fact that I have a plan, so I can say, “Hey, is this something I should be pursuing right now, is this something for later or is this something for someone else?” We will manifest what we focus on, but you will get there faster with a plan. And more importantly, you will preserve your energy and focus. 

You’re Able to Pivot as Needed

If you’ve got these big business goals for 2021, I am all for it. But the big thing I want to say to you right now is make sure that you understand how it goes from your business goals to your marketing, sales, and fulfillment. You should also consider how that translates out for you on a monthly, weekly, daily type of fashion. 

Because when you have those goalposts set, you can pivot. If you know that the goal is dead ahead, you’re not going to be running backwards. 

But if the goal is to the right, you’re not supposed to be going dead ahead. You’re going to have to pivot. If that’s what needs to go on your plan, then that’s what needs to go in your plan. 

Ask for Help if You Need It

If this is something that you need help with, please reach out because I might be able to help you. And if I can’t, then I probably know somebody who can, and that will be time well spent for you. 

If you’ve been a business owner for even a few years, you understand what lack of planning can do. You understand somebody who’s in their first year of business. They’re just winging it, maybe they don’t appreciate planning and how much money and it can save for you. 

The most important thing at this stage is to get help if you need it. We’ve seen a lot of businesses struggle making it this year. Do not be one of those businesses going into next year. 

Let’s plan and see what’s coming up for your business. Let’s plan and see how your actions today can impact your business operations and revenue into the next five 5-10 years. Make sure you get that help. 

the invisible gap between your goals and reality