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Make Your Content Work Triple Time with Authority Marketing

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to another Marketing Monday. Can you believe that it’s already November? October had a full moon at the beginning and on the very last day. It’s been dozens of years since we’ve had a blue moon on Halloween. How about that? 

Would You Be Happy if Your Impact Never Grew Beyond What It Currently Is?

You know I love to do these  thought provoking starters, though I’ve done some light ones recently. This time I want to hit you with something a bit heavier, and it may make you uncomfortable. I’m asking you this question because your greatest growth happens outside of your comfort zone. If your impact never grew beyond where it is right now, would you be happy with that? 

You don’t have to answer this actually in the comments, but you need to be honest with yourself. I mean “impact” as in “business growth”, because a lot of us started our businesses to fulfill some type of mission, or leave our mark on the world. If your audience never grew beyond where it is right now- which means your message never goes beyond the people that it’s gone beyond right now- would you be happy with that? 

Make Changes Proportional to Your Goals

I’m getting some no’s, and I’m assuming the other people watching also feel the same way. People talk about wanting massive change in their business. They do right in their business, but they make these tiny little adjustments. If I want to grow my business to 7 figures but I have a 5-figure mindset, I’m going to make 5-figure type of adjustments. 

The reason I bring this up is because of something that happened in the Defiant Business Group. I had started doing the exclusive livestream Thoughtful Thursdays. Thoughtful Thursdays is an opportunity to address some mindset things, and I also love to talk about books there. We talked about the Upper Limit Problem (ULP), as it was presented by Gay Hendricks in The Big Leap. 

I think that problem ties to this. When people talk about making these massive changes, they only make tiny baby adjustments. You can’t get to whatever type of impact you’re looking for by making these little sidestep adjustments. When we talk about these massive changes, we don’t realize that we also need to correct our mindsets and ULPs. Your upper limit is going to keep you from making this massive change in your business. 

Dominate Your Niche

I talk about authority marketing and becoming an industry leader. I’m an industry influencer; a niche dominator. That’s one of the phrases I’m using a lot right now: dominate your niche. You might think, “I can’t do that! I just started!/It’s only been a few years! I need like 10 years of experience to do that.” 

I have been in marketing for 3 years. The 1st year, I was a freelance writer. People are surprised by that, but I joined the Army when I was 18 so it’s not that I have no life/professional experience whatsoever. My collective life experience is what I bring to these types of things. When I get on these interviews, people say; “You have the confidence and the depth of knowledge to do that? You sound like you’ve been doing it for years.” Do not let these self-limiting beliefs limit the massive change that you want to have in your business. 

I realize that I jumped into an industry where nobody knew me. I had to do it this way, so that I could have an impact on the people I’m meant to help. So that way the people I’m meant to help can’t say, “Ruthie, you’ve been doing this for 10 years. You’ve got a degree in it. That’s why it’s so easy for you.” I’m meant to help people grow their impact and make change. I want to enable change-makers. And in order to do that, we’ve got to dig into the people who would not typically be called on to speak. That’s where the true wisdom and beauty of it all lies. 

I’m taking clients right now, so if you want to make massive changes but you’re making tiny adjustments, then we should talk. I train people on authority marketing and I do authority marketing for some of my clients. If you feel like this message was for you, let’s schedule some time! I’m happy to do that with you. 

How to Make Your Content Work Triple Time

Now we’re going to talk about making your content do triple time. In the Army, we’re taught marching and double time. The Sergeant in charge of the run would say, “Double time, MARCH!” And then we’d start running. But I want to talk about triple timing your content. 

No piece of content should only serve one purpose. I’m going to give you 3 different ways that your content should work for you. Anytime you create a piece of content, it should satisfy at least 2 out of 3 of these. 

Building Authority and Credibility

Your content should increase your authority. It should help your credibility and your trust. That could be with a blog post, a livestream, a recorded video, an ebook, a white paper, a book on Amazon- I got one of those. You should check it out! That’s one of the reasons that people build content. They want to be seen as an authority. This is always a box you’re going to want to check. 

Borrowing an Audience

You might say, “What do you mean borrow somebody else’s audience? I posted it on my own blog for my own audience.” So if I take your link and share it with my audience, that’s not going to make you happy. No matter what type of content you put out, you’re hoping that that content will end up in front of other people’s audiences. You build your credibility by borrowing the credibility of the person that you’re collaborating with. 

I’ll give you a great example. My first article for Entrepreneur went up a couple of weeks ago. I think I’ve been tagged on 10 different shares on Twitter. If I had posted that on my own blog post, I probably would’ve gotten maybe 1-2 shares. So I’m getting in front of other people’s audiences by using as a platform where I can post content. That first article was The 3 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Authority Marketing

For Search Engine Optimization

The 3rd reason you would make content is for SEO. And please don’t sit there and be like, “I don’t care about SEO. I just make contentand I focus on my audience.” Keep in mind that Google’s SEO is trying to provide the users with the best answer possible. So if you’ve been like, “SEO doesn’t work for me.” No, Google doesn’t care about you, unless you’re the user who’s searching for the questions. Keep in mind that Google does not care about you, and Google does not owe you anything. 

In terms of writing, SEO is actually just meant to make the content easier to read. If you post these long, high school essay paragraphs on your blog posts, that stuff is hard to read. If you don’t use headings to break things up, it’s also hard to read. I don’t care who you are, you should follow SEO recommendations for building content. 

Let’s think about the interviews again, because we’re also talking about authority marketing. When you get backlinks to your website and your name pops up on other people’s websites, it improves how Google perceives your authority. When someone searches your name and these things pop up, it starts to matter. 

I did a social media post on whether or not you’re in control of your first impression- if somebody chooses to Google you, are you in control of what happens in those search results? Not exactly, but you can be in control up to a point by continuing to put your name out there. Once I became an contributor, that was already in my Google search results. Take control of that impression, and then take control of everything afterwards. 

What Does This Look Like?

So your content should check at least 2 out of 3 of these boxes. Let’s just say that again; Google does not care about you unless you’re the user. They couldn’t care less. Google is always making changes for the betterment of their user experience. If you’re not on board with that, Google literally does not care. So your content should check those boxes. 

What does that look like? This livestream is going to be turned into a blog post. We’re going to take the video, put it on YouTube, run it through some transcription software, clean it up, format it, and it’s going to go into the blog as a blog post. 

Why does that matter? Because this will then be something that could potentially be searched up. A question somebody is asking might be, “How can I increase the value of my content?” That could be a piece of content that answers that checks off these boxes. 

I got to spend this time talking about this topic with y’all, and having you understand, “Hey, Ruthie’s credibility is maybe more at this level, and I thought it was at a lower level before.” That is what this livestream is meant to do. 

I am creating the livestream, and the blog post will be created from that. So that’s actually another way to quadruple/quintuple the value of your content. If you do video/audio, you can turn it into a blog post without having to rewrite anything- save for editing the transcript a bit. How much time have you saved? You’ve saved a ton of time. 

Let’s say I do a podcast interview. I’m doing 6 podcasts interviews and I’m speaking twice. When this happens, and my links get built on these other people’s websites, it links back to my website. So that checks theSEO box, but it also checks the “borrow other people’s audience” box. I will be doing these interviews and getting them published in front of other people’s audiences. And then it also builds the “authority and credibility” box. Those types of interviews check 3 boxes on my content. Those are 3 goals that I can use to guide the creation of my content. 

If you’re creating content just for SEO and you don’t have in mind how it’s going to build your authority and credibility- which means you’re not looking at that content from the perspective of your audience- you just shouldn’t. You should not be making it. I had to let go of a past client because they became so focused on the SEO piece that they weren’t heeding my words of wisdom in terms of how the audience views it. 

Does your ideal audience actually want to see this content, or do they want something a bit deeper? Do they want something in another topic? They weren’t really down to listen, so I was like, “This person doesn’t jive with what. Maybe they need someone else.” So I had to let them go, and we were together for probably about 1 year and some change. 

We got crazy stuff accomplished in terms of SEO. They were getting 5,000 monthly views on their site from paid ads, and we changed that. In 6 months, we switched it to that same level of views from organic traffic through my strategy. So it’s not that you can’t see amazing results in one or the other, but if you start to do it just for one, you need to question where your mind is at. It’s not going to serve your business in the best way, and it’s not going to serve your audience in the best way. 

The Takeaway

So let’s go back through them real quick. Your content should build your authority and credibility. It may help you to borrow someone else’s audience and grow your own audience. And it may also serve in terms of Search Engine Optimization. 

Your content should not check just 1 box. Your content should check at least 2 of these 3 boxes so you can have content that triple times, serves your business, and further boosts the return on investment you get from making that content. 

And if you’re talking about massive change in your business, make sure that you’re making that same level of investment and change in your environment and mindset. If you have a bland, broad marketing strategy and you want to make your authority and credibility the tip of your marketing spear, then we should talk. 

Thank you everyone so much for hanging out for this Marketing Monday. Don’t forget to find us on Facebook in the Defiant Business Group, where we’re doing Thoughtful Thursdays. I haven’t picked the book I want to go over yet, but I will very soon. 

Don’t forget to answer my questions, even if it’s just in your head! You need to sit with that and think about it. And if we need to schedule a call, then that’s a step in the right direction for you, in terms of massive change. I’ll see you in the comments!