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Your Expert’s Portfolio

Today we’re talking about your expert’s portfolio. Then, I’m doing an exclusive Marketing Monday livestream in The Defiant Business Group so you’ll want to head on over there. 

What Is an Expert’s Portfolio? 

When we’re talking about my method – the Radically Authentic Authority Marketing Method – I refer to something called the Expert’s Portfolio. Some people call this a speaker’s resume, but it doesn’t quite do it justice. I would recommend that you use a speaker’s resume when it’s requested, but you also want to use your Expert’s Portfolio. And most of the time, I default to the Expert’s Portfolio. 

What Goes In Your Expert’s Portfolio? 

The reason I call it an Expert’s Portfolio vs. a speaker’s resume is that an Expert’s Portfolio doesn’t just have recordings of your speaking engagements.

It also has your guest posts, podcasts, and interviews listed. Some people consider that speaking, and some don’t because a podcast interview generally isn’t live.

It’s got any interviews you’ve done, whether they’re video or audio. It also has your expert contributions: when you submit a quote or something to be included in an article, your expert’s portfolio also has those listed. 

So in the beginning, my Expert’s Portfolio had more expert contributions and articles than anything else. But what it did for me is it showed that people valued my expertise. And that’s why I put them on that page. 

If you look at my Expert’s Portfolio now, I have different sections for writing, audio, and video. I have a section for guest articles, guest posts, interviews and other similar things that are written down. Then I have my podcast interviews that are primarily just audio. And then there are different video interviews. 

That is typically what goes in your Expert’s Portfolio. Those are the types of opportunities you should be looking for. If you’re in somebody’s ebook as a guest contributor, you can put that in there too. 

How You Can Use Your Expert’s Portfolio

Let’s move on to talking about how you can use your Expert’s Portfolio. I copy and paste my Expert’s Portfolio link pretty much anywhere somebody is looking for a podcast guest or a speaker. That might be in Facebook groups, on LinkedIn, etc. 

expert's portfolio

I will post it right in the comments, “Hey, my specialty is authority marketing! I’m an authority marketing strategist. I’m also a US Army veteran, a mom, and a plethora of other things. Here’s my Expert’s Portfolio for examples of me speaking and being interviewed, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. I look forward to talking to you more.” 

I don’t DM people with it because when people put these things out online, they get a ton of responses usually so I want to make it as easy as possible for them to see upfront that I am a great candidate for what they’re looking for.

That’s why I just dropped the link right there; they can click on it and check it out. They can just push play on a video real quick to see how Ruthie sounds. Does she sound like she knows what she’s talking about? So that’s how I typically use my Expert’s Portfolio. 

Make Use of Signature Block Space

I also put it in my signature block. I think that’s important because we email clients, prospects, and all sorts of people. So putting the link to your Expert’s Portfolio in your signature block makes it easier for them to check it out.

A lot of people don’t do that. It seems like a ton of people are getting interviewed all the time, but there are actually more people who aren’t doing that at all. Think about it. There are more people who aren’t doing interviews and such, so I’ll put it in my signature block. 

I’ve had clients click on it and be like, “Oh, I didn’t realize XYZ.” That’s a great way to start conversations. I would do this when I’d submit HARO responses, and I’ve gotten podcast interviews from it, because they ended up clicking on the link and saying, “Hey, I actually do other XYZ. I’m interested in having you do that for/with me.” 

The big thing is that I always drop the link for my Expert’s Portfolio in the comments, because you never know who else is clicking through it. There might be someone else who’s looking to interview people and they see your comment. That’s an opportunity for them to also check you out. 

Getting Testimonials for Your Expert’s Portfolio

Finally, I want to close with my new idea for expert portfolios that we’re going to be implementing ASAP. So how do you capture testimonials from events that you’ve spoken at, or podcasts that you’ve done interviews for? Maybe they could be written. I could ask somebody to write it up and give it back to me. 

I could do that, but I love using a platform called VideoAsk, created by Typeform. It allows you to do surveys, but also capture video feedback. So I had an idea.

What if I ask people whose events I’ve spoken at and podcasts I’ve done interviews for, if they could give me a 30-second testimonial that I can use on my website?

Speaking References Add to Your Credibility

I can put that on my Interviews and Features page, which will round it out. So now I’ve also got references that I can use right here on this page. So it’s not just me saying, “Hey, I was awesome again, because these people invited me on.” It gives me a certain amount of credibility. 

VideoAsk makes it super easy; you just send them a link and then they can answer questions if you put them in there. But it also gives them an interface to capture the video right there with their phone. That’s something I’ve decided that we’re going to implement for my site,

I’m also going to be implementing it for clients as we build out their Expert’s Portfolios. That’s because I know that one of the big things for hosts is that they just want to know that you’re not going to be boring. So having your actual presentations up there is great. However, also having those reviews gives people an opportunity to actually get some real feedback from the people who invited you on.

So don’t forget, I’m actually doing another exclusive Marketing Monday livestream within the The Defiant Business Group. We’re going to be talking about one of my top tips for growing your LinkedIn network when you don’t have a lot of content to post, or you don’t feel comfortable posting content. And if your network is incredibly small, how you can get out there and grow it in an authentic way that doesn’t feel super spammy.  I will see you over there. 

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