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Radical Authenticity: The Key to a Stand-Out Authority Marketing Strategy

What Is Radical Authenticity?

Today we’re going to be talking about a phrase I’ve been dropping a lot: radical authenticity. What does that mean? Well, let’s think about what authenticity means. Authenticity means you’re being genuine. 

What makes it so radical is that – especially in the spaces where I work, as a professional B2B person – we don’t have a lot of authenticity. We talk about being authentic in such a way that “authentic” is almost a trite word among marketing professionals nowadays. That’s why I felt like I needed to qualify that it needs to be radical authenticity. 

Actually, did you know that there’s a so-called “worldview” called authenticism. Apparently, it’s a blend between Slavic paganism, Russian cosmism, and psychoanalysis. It even developed into an organization in Russia, but they were shut down in the 1990s and the founder continued on in an informal manner.

How Does Authenticity Relate to Your Marketing? 

It makes you more likable. People feel like they’ve gotten to know you through your content. When you’re going beyond just giving tips and tactics and serving them up something that makes them feel like they can empathize with you, that matters.

It makes the difference.

And when people start commenting or sending you messages saying, “I’ve been meaning to reach out for a long time, but I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you through your content,” you know you’re on the right track. 

You’re on the right track when people can imagine being you. When they can empathize with you. When they can feel like they’ve gotten to know you. That’s when you’ve made real strides with building a true audience.

You’ve gone beyond the shallow audience that will never purchase a single thing from you; the audience that might consider you as an option, but they’re going to price shop. 

What happens is that you start to  build a niche, and this niche is you. So my niche is Ruthie. People feel like they’ve gotten to know and trust me. And that is how it relates to your marketing.

You become marketable, the more unique you are. Authenticity helps make you unique. It’s hard to market something that looks the exact same as everything else. When you’re out there trying to market your authority, they’re like, “Okay, well, why are you different from all these other experts?” 

So part of the process is developing deep storylines that you can tap into, to reveal pieces of yourself. And not only is it wonderful for the people you’re connecting with, but it’s wonderful for you too, because it’s definitely a process that helps you grow. It even goes beyond your marketing. 

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How Does Authenticity Relate to Building Your Authority? 

It ties back to that marketability. Think about speakers that rivet everyone, like Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, or Tony Robbins. Why do people love to hear them speak? They have a uniqueness about them that is generally revealed through authenticity. They were vulnerable. They share their stories and they don’t hold back. 

You’re like, “Well, isn’t that boring? Aren’t a lot of people doing that?”

How many movies do they make about the underdog or the person who struggles and then conquers their struggle? That is the constant storyline from thousands and thousands of years ago. You’ve got the good guy, you’ve got their struggle, and then you’ve got the conclusion where they’ve overcome that struggle. 

It’s even better if you’re able to be honest about some of the struggles that you’re currently having, because then people feel like they can trust you. Then, they know, like, and trust you. It’s a serious marketing pillar that we focus on in the marketing industry. Know, like, and trust. 

Building the Know, Like, and Trust

Trust is where your authority comes in. That’s your expertise, but it also relates a bit to your authenticity. Then you’ve also got the “know” and the “like”. How do people get to know or decide if they like you or not if you never reveal anything about yourself?

Once they know and like you, and they feel like you’re an honest person, they feel like you’ll be straight up with them. That also ties into their trust. They trust you to be competent, but they also trust you as a person. And that is how those 3 things tie together. 

Vetting Your Expertise-Showcasing Opportunities

So when you’re looking for expertise-showcasing opportunities, those are the boxes you’re trying to check. Does this opportunity help people get to know me? Does this opportunity help people come to like me? Does this opportunity help people trust me?

If it can check all 3 boxes, then wonderful. If it checks 2 boxes, still good. Usually, it’s hard to get down to 1 box, but that’s where you weave it all together. And you can do this by understanding what your deep storylines are, and how to reference and weave them through your professional content. 

Even on a place like LinkedIn. If you scroll on my LinkedIn, you’ll see that I am very vulnerable there. I work hard to hold nothing back. The funny thing about that is that just when you think you’ve torn back that layer and you’re holding nothing back… you find another one. So it’s being honest about that too. 

The Radically Authentic Authority Marketing Method

On Friday, I gave a talk on the Radically Authentic Authority Marketing Method. That’s the method I’ve used to get 60+ opportunities to showcase my expertise in the last 12-18 months. It’s a process that I’ve refined for my company’s marketing, but also for clients who’ve been so brave as to trust me with getting them these types of opportunities. So the types of business results we’ve been able to see have led me to formalize this process, give it a name, and break it down into different steps. 

If you’d like a copy of that recording, send me a message on any social media platform so I know to send you the link. You will have access to that recording so you can learn more about how the Radically Authentic Authority Marketing Method could impact and elevate your own business’s marketing. 

Get That Story Off Your Chest

This is also a really effective method if you feel like you’ve got a story to tell or something to share, and everyday that you don’t share it, it just weighs on you because you know that it can make a difference.

When you share those stories, learn how they tie to your business, how they help you dig deeper into your “why?”, and you’re able to communicate that to people, business success is practically inevitable.

At least once you learn how to get in front of the right audience and how to market those opportunities. And that’s what this method is about. So if you want a copy of that recording, I will go ahead and message it right to you. 

Let me know what you think about this radical authenticity. Have you seen it? Do you try to do it? Are you going to try and do it? Let me know in the comments. I look forward to talking to you about it. It’s been pretty life-changing for me. Thanks again. 

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