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Tell Me Something Good #4

I was determined to mow the lawn yesterday. I did it during the time I would normally write up the TMSG newsletter. 

The unexpected part? It took me twice as long as I thought. We have 2 acres, so I was on our riding mower. Problem was, I kept running things over. Things like a carpet and a tarp. 

My husband had to keep coming out to take the mower apart and untangle the threads from the blades. 

I got it done (thank goodness) but it left me little time for anything else. 

I decided to be kind to myself, figuring you would understand today. I’ll be back on track next Sunday!

Digital Giftcard Company Helping Small Businesses

Community Carecard is powered completely by a team of volunteers: communications and marketing professionals, designers, and engineers. They built a digital gift card platform for small businesses without pre-existing digital payment infrastructure to receive supplemental income during the shutdown.

The Community Carecard team has been working diligently since the start of the shutdown to develop the platform and create a smooth process for both the business owners and gift card buyers. Community Carecard has helped non-tech-savvy small businesses from around the country.

A Challenge to Do Good

Mark Smith, owner of 5 Midas Muffler franchises in the Richmond (MOR-Midas of Richmond), VA area is asking the community to participate in one random act of kindness each day, and he is prepared to reward them if they do.

You must do one act of kindness daily, every day from June 1-June 30, 2020.

Here is how:

Keep a journal of each act.

Email him their daily list at the end of the month (June 30).

Update on social media with #MORGoodDeeds

Mark is rewarding those who do so with a year’s worth of oil changes (four in total) at his business. It’s all by the Honor System—because he believes in the goodness of people—especially in hard times. “Hope exists in small gestures,” Mark said. And while oil changes may not be ‘sexy,’ they are an integral part in keeping people safe on the road, and what this one person can do to reward those who do good deeds.

This should be a movement!

A New Remote Team Resource Hub

Showpad, a sales enablement platform, US headquarters in Chicago, Global headquarters in Ghent, Belgium, launched the Remote Selling Resource Hub to help sales teams, reps, and coaches adjust to a virtual environment.

This includes a free video series, tips from Showpad executives, webinars, blog posts, and virtual training sources, to help companies succeed despite this new environment

When Failure Isn’t Failure

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Nettie Owens, the owner of Sappari Solutions. She had a message a lot of us need to hear right now, and she shared it on The Defiant Business Podcast

Nettie talks about failure and the hustle culture in the last episode. Failure is failure when you decide it is. When you don’t learn the lesson it was meant to teach you. And sometimes, we do all of the work, all of the right things, and we still “fail.”

If her message resonates with you, be sure to go back and listen to her other episodes. 

I hope you have a great week. Get outside, be creative, and create good news of your own!

Yours in defiance,


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