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Tell Me Something Good #3

It’s been another good week. Season 4 of The Defiant Business Podcast is going well, and my birthday was nice :-). Most importantly, I’ve received more great business news to share with you this week. 

Stories that cut through the steady stream of unfortunate news we’re all hearing. 

The companies in this week’s newsletter are all doing great things. 

From Cow Milk to Oatmilk

It’s no secret that dairy farms in the United States (and the world) due to the serious upset in supply and demand from various sectors.  Hälsa, maker of the first and only 100% oatmilk yogurt announced a unique initiative to support struggling dairy farmers across the U.S.

The brand has planted organic oat seeds at their first dairy-to-oat conversion farm in upstate New York. Hälsa’s first-of-its-kind conversion program creates a domestic supply chain for premium organic oats that isn’t dependent on imports. It provides organic dairy farmers an alternative to convert farmlands and grow organic oats with the same zero water footprint method used in Scandinavia.

Supply Chains Need Help and There are Companies Delivering

Speaking of supply chain, Supply Chain Visions, a supply chain consulting firm, just recently finished a contract with a new client. During a time when acquiring new clients can be difficult, SCV not only did that, but impressed their new client so much, that a Round 2 is being arranged. Congratulations!

Purpose-Driven Advertising with Hand-Sanitizing Billboards

During a time when out-of-home advertising is taking a beating, one company in particular is seeing a surge in ad effectiveness. Over the past 14 years, Chicago-based Terraboost Media has aggregated an impressive network of more than 90,000 jumbo, 5-foot-tall hand-sanitizing billboards. 

Since the pandemic began, usage/engagement with the company’s billboards is up more than 12 times! The company’s founders – brothers Brian and Brett Morrison – call their network “Purpose-Driven Advertising” because companies that sponsor ads on its platform do much more than post an ad – they literally demonstrate to the communities they serve how much they care about local well-being.

President Brian Morrison reports that since the coronavirus pandemic hit, his media team has been busier than ever. Advertisers recognize the high level of engagement available via these hand-sanitizing billboards at America’s most admired retailers – ones that are still experiencing high levels of traffic.

Fashion Brand Sends Care Packages to Hospital Workers

Civitas, an experiential agency that is part of the Ovare Group, recently helped their client UpWest surprise hospital workers at Northshore University HealthSystem in Chicago. 

Express launched UpWest in late 2019 as a direct-to-consumer fashion and lifestyle brand focused on comfort. UpWest tasked Civitas with helping them find a way to safely provide comfort to front-line healthcare workers. 

Civitas developed a branded care package that featured comfort-focused home products including:

  • bath soak
  • candle
  • knit blanket
  • essential oils
  • and a thank you message

They delivered boxes to over 50 healthcare workers. A second set of comfort care packages were used in an Instagram give-a-way campaign. UpWest followers could nominate an essential worker to receive one.

No Such Thing As ‘Too Small’: Uniting to Fill a Need

Fashion designer Mi Jong Lee shut down her companies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then she fell ill with COVID and had to go to the ER. The nurse taking care of her confessed that due to PPE shortages, she had been wearing the same mask and gown for 3 days. 

Due to the wonderful care she received, Mi Jong Lee felt inspired to assess the problem. She registered with city and state government websites looking for manufacturers to help produce hospital gowns. But the government considered her company, Emmelle Design, too small. 

She formed a coalition of veteran garment industry manufacturers, and this coalition can produce up to 10,000 gowns a week. Adding more members can increase that number to 15,000. This met the government’s production threshold. 

But more than that, this gave small NYC certified manufactures a platform to work collaboratively and persevere through the pandemic devastation of the garment district. The South Korean-born designer got in touch with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. The congresswoman connected her with Fashion for the Front Lines, a new task force to source personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers.

Protecting Your Ad Spend From Invalid Traffic

Dollars in all departments are being closely counted and assessed for effectiveness. TrafficGuard, an ad fraud detection and ad quality assurance software provider, may help marketers safeguard their valuable advertising spend. 

Invalid traffic consumes 30% of an advertiser’s budget. TrafficGuard released a free and pay-as-you-go version of their award-winning software to help SMB businesses manage their Google Ad Campaigns. 

It’s the first free PPC protection solution and enables marketers to get reimbursed, up to $2,500, for invalid ad traffic they paid for from Google, with easy-to-download reports (PPC, PI and click specifically). 

There! Didn’t I tell you? More great stories. I hope that by sharing them, you feel inspired to do something different or innovative with your own business. 

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