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“AR, VR, and Mixed Reality for Consulting Firms” with Kurt Schneid

Here’s the episode:

Ruth: I think we mostly see applications for B2C-type businesses. 

Do you have any thoughts or guesses on how B2B companies might consider incorporating something like AR, VR, or something similar as part of their videos? 

Kurt: So, are you familiar with Infusionsoft? 

Ruth: I am. 

Kurt: Infusionsoft is amazing on many levels, but it allows you to direct the customer experience and then map it all out. And then there are choices. So everybody in your customer service funnel starts in the same place, and then you choose whether you’re a consumer or a business. 

Let’s say you’re a business. Are you a product business or a service business? And then you go down that path. Are you North, South, East, or West? So, Infusionsoft allows you to create these little options, almost like doorways. And then, based on which door you go through, you’re then able to get the next experiences. 

Well in virtual reality, there’s no limit to the amount of rooms, the amount of doors, the amount of opportunities. So if you are a B2B company, you can allow your clientele to self-identify and self-direct themselves in a myriad of ways, for a myriad of purposes. It could be the sales funnel like Infusionsoft, or it could be training. The sky’s the limit! It’s a virtual world. It’s a virtual set. 

Ruth: Actually, I just had a thought for product-based businesses. If you had a product, virtual reality videos of your product in action… Wow, what a great sales video! That would be impressive. 

Looking back at the service side, maybe if you’re a consulting company who gives workshops, you could make a virtual reality video where a prospect gets 5 minutes of one of your workshops. How impactful would that be?! How attention-grabbing something like that would be! 

Kurt: And you can place all of that in your virtual world. You can allow your users to add content. It’s very easy for them to grab their phone and say, “Hey, just wanted to let you know I was using this software, I got to this point, I was confused because of it, and here’s how I overcame it.” It’s a whole new world. It’s mind-boggling to think of the application and the possibility. 

Ruth: Clearly, you see more of these companies creating their own communities and hubs. So that could easily be another layer. 

Kurt: Birds of a feather flock together. We like the idea of community. We want to work with people that we agree with. I don’t think it’s so much about about the look anymore. It’s not about race or gender as much as it is about like-minded people. Good people are good people, bad people are bad people. 

We really want to get with people we get along with, so having that culture, that opportunity, that tool is a great thing. But again, it doesn’t mean that everything before virtual reality is obsolete. It’s still very usable, it just depends on how you want to use it and what you invest. 

A lot of companies want to stay on the cutting edge. I totally get it. “I didn’t want to go get 4K cameras. I just bought all these HD cameras!” But the clientele want 4K. Now we need to edit in 4K. We have to adapt to stay where we want to be. 

But not every company is like that. Some people say, “No, I specialize in this and this is what I do.” Maybe their market shrinks, but maybe their profits don’t. Maybe they can only do 100 clients a year, 100 projects a year. Okay. So as long as I get my 100 clients/projects a year, I’m good! And if that’s what works for them, God bless them, let them go! It’s their life. It’s their business. I talked to my dad recently and I said, “What do you want to do in retirement?” He said, “You know,I really just want to ask people ‘Would you like sprinkles with that?’” Maybe he was an executive all his life, but he wants to have an ice cream shop. If that’s what you want, that’s your life. Go for it! Have an ice cream shop! 

As business owners in a B2B sense, after you identify what you’re trying to do, you want to use the right tool. That’s true for anything. Using the right tool makes the chances of success higher. There’s, there’s less opportunity for injury, whether it be physical, mental, or brand injury.  

So, video as a strategy is great and it’s going in amazing places. If a business isn’t currently employing video as a strategy, they really should. You mentioned the earlier parts of my career. Back then, I used to try to convince businesses that they needed the website. “I got this brick and mortar store.” Well, you really need a website! And people got onboard with that. Now it’s, “I’ve got this 2-page white paper.” Nobody’s reading your 2-page white paper! 

Ruth: Maybe you should turn your white paper into a video. 

Kurt: Right? Content marketing is still king. People want to know that you’re an expert. They want to know whether they’re going to get a positive return on their investment if they invest their time and money in you. That ROI is where it’s at. As soon as you can show them that, they say, “Oh, that’s all I needed to know.” 

That’s why those testimonial videos are so important. You look at an actual client and they say, “We had a problem, and we trusted Kurt with that problem. Here’s what he did, here are the results, and we couldn’t be happier.” People see those things and they’re like, “That’s what I needed to know. I just wanted to know that you were going to steward my investment of time, effort, money, so that I would get a positive return. You weren’t going to take advantage of us. And now I know.” 

It’s hard for a business owner to say that. It’s hard to say, “Trust me!” But it’s much better if your current clientele say no, you know, “She/he is great! We love working with them.” 

Ruth: Well, I think that’s all I have today. I feel like we definitely explored some topics that we could have easily done an entire episode around, which is always good news. I just wanted to say thank you very much Kurt for being a guest on The Defiant Business Podcast. I will be including links to your website and your LinkedIn for anybody who wants to connect with you and Brand Ready Media. 

Kurt: Well, thank you so much for having me on the show. It’s a real honor and a pleasure. Keep up the great work and content marketing.