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Tell Me Something Good #1

I’m really excited to send this first “Tell Me Something Good!” newsletter! I know you’ve probably felt the impacts of quarantine differently than I have, so I won’t presume to know your situation. 

But based on what I’ve seen in my social media feeds, the deluge of less than great news has been bringing me down. 

Here’s the Good News!

However, I DO see good news! Businesses are innovating and coming up with new ways to serve their customers and clients. I think that’s encouraging. 

So without further ado, let ME tell YOU something good!

Photographers Are Telling Our Stories

James Trudeau is a freelance photographer in Baltimore, Maryland who’s quarantine impact photography has made local headlines. Thanks to working with Jennifer McGinley of JLM Strategic Communications, he has been interviewed by WJZ-TV CBS Baltimore, and featured in the Baltimore Times. 

His work captures moments in time that speak volumes to how the quarantine has affected Baltimore’s citizens. James photographs corporate events, families, weddings, and more. You can see his work here.

Freelance Writers Can Still Find Work

Tracy Griggs spent two years building her region’s first ecotourism, craft beer, and events touring company. Sadly, she wasn’t able to secure funding to launch. So in January she returned to her roots as a journalist and small business media consultant. She founded The Write Words Media and focuses on agriculture, vertical farms, precision agriculture, food, alcohol and cannabis and the intersection of technology within these sectors. 

Despite work drying up for many freelancers, Tracy is seeing success! She had two agtech stories published recently, and she’s made promising new business partnerships. If you need content in these areas, you can connect with Tracy on LinkedIn

Work With The U.S. Government Hasn’t Stopped

Lydia Rossman of The Rossman Group (TRG) announced great news for her company, which has been particularly hard hit by the quarantine. TRG provides translation and language training services to government agencies. TRG is one of 46 small business teams that were awarded slots on the SOF Core Services contract vehicle. 

Receiving a spot on this contract vehicle is incredibly heartening because her government customers suspended their business with TRG, despite the training being virtual. I can’t wait to see what doors this opens for Lydia and her team. 

Local Groups Can Make a Difference Through Volunteerism

Melody Baron and Molly Browning put out a call for volunteers to the LinkedIn Local Baltimore crew. #LinkedInLocalBaltimore is organizing volunteer spots to support Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Supply Manufacturing at CSC

#LinkedInLocal is a meetup concept in over 600 cities world wide. It was created with the purpose to unite people from all walks of life, in one facilitated event, to genuinely get to know the humans behind the LinkedIn profiles, and connect beyond the job titles, business cards, and company names.

Doing New Things To Create Better Content

For my own good news, I’m excited that I interviewed Stefanie Booker-Atchison for the Defiant Business Podcast, and her episodes will start airing on May 18th. I’ll interview Sarah Noel Block and Nettie Owens this week too. I interviewed Shelley Brown for the Defiant Business TV Show as well. I can’t wait for you to experience the great content coming down the line. 

I’d love to feature your good news next time! No news is too small because in business, it’s the small consistent actions that move the needle. Let me know what you’ve got going on! 

Defiantly yours, 


P.S. If you’d like to celebrate another company or professional’s good work, you should take a look at The B2B Spotlight. You could get a spot on The Defiant Business TV Show boosting another business. I can’t wait to see who you nominate!