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Is a Website Necessary? Think of It’s Purpose…

Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Defiant Business Podcast. I’m your host Ruthie, and we are still going into The Future of Marketing. Today’s question is “Is a website necessary for a business?”  


What Is a Website Supposed to Do?

So I just want you to think of the purpose of a website; it’s an opportunity for people to research more about you and your company in a low-pressure setting. 

These people may not have met you before. They may be coming straight off of search engines, right onto your site. What is your site communicating to them? 

Referrals Will Keep Coming In, But…

Not having a website won’t stop any clients you have now from referring people to you. So if you’ve used your network and managed to get clients that way, that’s wonderful! So it’s not going to stop the referrals from coming in, but it may stop those referred people from moving forward. 

Website Investment Is Crucial

Your website indicates seriousness and investment; the more professional it looks, the more trust you engender. 

According to a marketing study called Converting Website Visitors Into Buyers, website investment causes prospects to believe something about your ability. The more it appears that you’ve invested in your website, the more capable you appear to your prospects. 

Website Design Impacts the Bottomline

They noted that investing in website design may be one observable signal that firms can use to communicate their abilities and boost searchers’ online purchase intentions. 

They also noted that font background color and the use of technology are ways that we can communicate investment. 

Your Perceived Integrity Might Save You

Not only that, but in the absence of knowing how much integrity a company had, the key purchase factor became how much benevolence is built into the organization.

So it could be that when you do get that referral, you may still get it if your website does not communicate ability, but that’s only because the prospect has reason to believe that you are a company with integrity. Those are other influences that  outweighed the perception of ability, but everybody imagines what it would be like if their SEO was actually working. 

Your website needs to line up with your business values and communicate what’s important to your company, your mission statement, your vision for the future, how you work with prospects, your company values. And this communication needs to be done through the design, the content, the colors, etc.

All of these small aspects come together and play a role in visual and digital marketing. If you don’t have all of these components working together for you, then there’s an incredibly high chance that you will lose the prospect on your website. 

Views Without Conversions

Okay, so you’re getting site views, but you’re not getting conversions. And conversions don’t necessarily mean money. If you’re a consultant, you may not be selling anything on your website, but you’re selling yourself. So when we say conversions in this context, it just means that you’ve gotten a site visitor to progress to the next step

The vast majority of people will not progress to the next step, at least not in that moment. But if you’re meeting your key performance indicator (KPI), then you’re fine. But if you’re not, this could be the problem. 

Invest in a Proper URL

If your website looks like it’s from the year 2000 or if you have an unprofessional-sounding URL, that could be the problem. My website was called when I got started, and it was okay when I got started, but when I had the funds to invest in my website, purchasing the domain and hosting was one of the first things that I did. 

It’s not super expensive in the grand scheme of things. It’ll probably run you a couple hundred dollars, but going from having .squarespace or .wordpress to your own URL elevates your perceived professionalism. 

A Website Is Necessary for Your Business

This is about using your website to further your brand, so even if you’re not getting a whole lot of organic search engine traffic, is your website still working for you? Does it work for you? Do people click over from social media or that email you sent them? If it’s not, then your website is not fulfilling its purpose, which is to work for you 24/7.  

Now, I’m not a website designer, but this is something that is incredibly critical for any person looking to pull in business from the internet. A website is 100% necessary for business, if you want to be able to leverage online assets like search engine traffic, social media, and email. I’m really hoping that this post will get a lot of feedback from my website designer friends. I’m really looking forward to that! 

So that was another episode of The Defiant Business Podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave us some comments if you feel moved to do so. Have a great day!