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Getting Started With Video Marketing with Kurt Schneid

Ruth: Kurt, I just wanted to thank you so much for being our second guest on The Defiant Business Podcast. I’m really excited about our conversation!  

Kurt: As am I. Thank you for having me! It’s a real honor. 

So Before We Get Started on Talking About Video and Video Marketing, I Would Love to Hear a Bit About You and Brand Ready Media.  

Kurt: My name is Kurt Schneid. I’m a lifelong environmental activist who uses video to help businesses achieve their goals. Sometimes those goals are brand awareness or brand recognition. Sometimes they’re recruiting training, or onboarding new employees. The goal may be to change the culture in that business. Whatever that business is facing as an objective for their next fiscal year, using strategies around video is a great tactic. It really helps get the job done. 

Ruth: Brand Ready Media is down in Virginia, right? I’m up in Maryland and you guys are just a little South of me, right?

Kurt: That’s correct. We are in what’s known as the Dulles Corridor of Northern Virginia and we service clients through Tysons Corner into DC – even in Maryland! 

What Sort of Industries Do You Normally Work With?

Kurt: We don’t really have an industry-based clientele. It’s usually growth-based. Businesses that are very growth-minded and are looking to accomplish big things in a short period of time have to turn to video to accomplish those goals. There just isn’t any other proven, reliable, or cost-effective way to reach more people without employing video as a strategy. 

Ruth: That actually leads into my next question! 

What Does an Overarching Marketing Strategy That Incorporates Video Look Like for a Business That Hasn’t Done Video Before? 

Ruth: Maybe you’re sitting down with a new client who hasn’t done any video beyond the “record myself in my car” videos, and they’re ready to dive into something more professional. What is your process for developing that strategy for them? How do you help them with getting started with video marketing?

Kurt: That’s a great question. It really starts with the truth; figuring out what that business really is and who they want to be. We, as people, never stop growing, and neither do businesses. Having an accurate assessment of what the business is today and who they want to be tomorrow is very important. 

Most Audiences Are More Savvy Than Ever Before

Our audiences are really, really savvy. Being authentic to who you are and who you want to be is crucial to your success. We have seen so many people try to fake it and lose.  Not only do you lose the initial sale, but you lose the trust of the people. So just being authentically you is okay

You’re not going to resonate with everybody else in the marketplace, and that’s okay. You will resonate with those who are like-minded. Being honest and truthful to yourself and your business is where you start. Once we know that and we can come to terms with who we are, we can identify areas of improvement. 

Culture is such a big thing, Ruthie. Having a real culture standing for something is important in the marketplace now. It’s not just about having the best product or the best price. Those are important, don’t get me wrong!

But consumers want to align philosophically with the businesses in which they put their spending dollars. Having something to believe in is important. That could be socially, culturally, or whatever the case may be. Whatever that business can align itself with will definitely help add to the market they attract. 

Learn more about conscious consumerism in this blog post.

Focus on Building Your Tribe

Some of our clients call it “building a tribe”, and you really are building a tribe of people who are like-minded. We don’t worry about the people who will never like us or never buy from us, who don’t resonate with us. And that’s okay, because there’s so many people on Earth! We just need to carve out our own authentic niche, and stick to what we do best and who we know, like, and trust. There’s plenty of market in that. 

Ruth: Absolutely. One of my connections on Linkedin made a post about focusing on your niche, and how when you try to talk to everybody, you’re talking to no one. No one hears you when you try to send out a message so inclusive that everybody is involved. 

Kurt: It really does your business a disservice. What’s important is finding that niche, identifying who your ideal client is, and then catering specifically to those people. For us, it’s growth-minded people. 

If you’re in this specific mindset and you need to accomplish big things, employing video as a strategy is the right answer. We just have to figure out at what level to best do that. That’s effective not just in the results, but in cost-effectiveness. 

Make Financial Sense of Your Video Marketing Goals

Business is about business. It has to make financial sense. So when a company comes in and says, “We want to make $100 million and spend $100” That doesn’t make sense. But by the same token, I wouldn’t necessarily spend $5,000 to make $10,000. By the time you get through everything, you might end up losing money. So it has to make financial sense. 

That’s why that conversation in the beginning being truthful is so important. As a consultant, you want to serve your clientele, and if serving them means telling them “no” or “not right now”, or just saying “this is not a good fit”, you should

When I started my business, I was really adamant about not turning anybody away. But the truth is that it’s sometimes best to say, “I’m not the right person for you. You’re not the right client for me. We would both be best served if we worked with different people.” That’s okay because there are other people. 

Philosophically I like knowing that the people I’m working with believe in themselves: their product and service. If I don’t feel like they’re doing the country or their clientele a great service, I don’t want to work with them. I don’t want to associate with bad people, or the stereotypical snake oil sales. 

Video Packs a Punch

Video is very powerful. I think most people understand that. We’ve all been to a movie and shed a tear, or we’ve all seen a commercial and went out and bought something. It’s a very powerful medium of expression. 

In the Spiderman movie, they say, “With great power comes great responsibility” As silly as that sounds, it’s very, very true. If you look at the historical elements of the laws behind broadcasting, and I’m referring to The Telecom Act of 1936, we had really strict moral and ethical guidelines.

As film, photograph, radio, and communication overall became available to the masses, the powers that be understood its importance. They decided that you have to tell the truth. You need to present both sides of the story. We can’t just have one person spewing off their own ideologies, because it’s influential. 

As a person that creates content for businesses, I really want to help them understand what those ethical and moral standards are in order to help them best position themselves in the marketplace. I mean, the last thing you want to have happen is to get crucified in the court of public opinion.

Ruthie: That’s all for today’s episode! Tune in next week to hear more of Kurt’s video marketing gems!