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Using The Golden Rule in Marketing? Use This Instead.

This is episode 2, season 3 of The Defiant Business Podcast and today, we’re diving into the future of marketing. We’re going to cover the Golden Rule, why you should not use it in your marketing, and what you should use instead. So let’s get into it. 

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What’s Wrong With the Golden Rule?

We’ve been taught the Golden Rule from a really young age: treat others as you would like to be treated. Well, what’s wrong with it? 

In today’s marketing, the Golden Rule asks you to focus on your wants, needs, and perspectives. However, the greatest marketing out there focuses on your audience’s wants, needs, and perspectives. 

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What to Use Instead: The Platinum Rule

So instead of the Golden Rule, use the Platinum Rule: treat others as they want to be treated. How does this translate into your marketing strategy? 

Content Creation With Your Audience in Mind

Assuming I’m your content marketing consultant, here’s what I’ll tell you in terms of content creation. Let’s say that you’re more comfortable writing blog posts, but your audience loves video. Which should you create? Video. 

Now, I’m not saying that you should never, ever, ever write again. You could even write blog posts, and then outsource video creation based on those blog posts to a freelancer/agency. Animated video is all the rage right now, and you’re going to see that throughout Season 3. We’re actually rolling it out for some of our current clients, and plan on making it one of our services in 2020. 

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Let’s take a look at social media marketing. You’re really happy on Facebook, but your clients are mostly on LinkedIn. 

You’re a consultant/web designer/content creator, or perhaps you offer some other type of service that a business needs. And even though you have a really great time on Instagram and Snapchat, you know that your clients are mostly on LinkedIn. That’s where they expect to find you, so that’s where should you be. 

You need to learn how to use LinkedIn, if that’s where your customers are. Younger generations don’t even have a Facebook account, but may see value in having a LinkedIn account. And the same holds true if you feel comfortable on Facebook, but your clients are mostly on Instagram or Snapchat. 

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It really just depends on who you’re marketing to. For example, a lot of millennial moms are on Instagram. I have an Instagram account, but I’m not super good with it, so you won’t find this millennial mom too much on Instagram. But, like I said, there are people who don’t even have a Facebook account. My younger sister is 22 now and she doesn’t have a Facebook account, but I know she has a Snapchat account. 

I’ve gotten lucky in that my ideal clients are on LinkedIn and I love LinkedIn, but it may not work that way for everyone. So you have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to create an effective social media marketing strategy. 

Learn more about the different demographics on the various social media platforms in this blog post.

What About Marketing and Sales Funnels?

Well, here’s my problem with funnels. They can be incredibly effective if you personalize them. But so many funnel gurus are hawking methods that worked years ago, or they’re giving you the very basic version of an effective funnel. And because it’s so basic, it’s not as effective as when you add some personalization options that you can add these days. 

Basically they’re telling you:

  1. Send a welcome email,
  2. Send another email the next day, 
  3. Wait two days, 
  4. Then invite them to your webinar, 
  5. Send another email, recapping the webinar in case they didn’t make it, 
  6. Send them a link to your service product program… 

…and you’ll make aaall the money. Woo! 

The thing is, this sort of thing may very well work with the uninitiated, but if your audience includes sophisticated professionals, you’re going to have to do better than this. 

Don’t Ever Give People Fakeinars

And God forbid that you give them a fakeinar, i.e. a recorded webinar, but you told them that it was live. Now, if you’re giving people recorded webinars, that’s fine if they know. But if you tell them that it’s a live webinar and they log on and they can see that it’s not, that’s a fakeinar. 

It’s one of the most hated marketing strategies. I’ll include a link to the blog post we wrote about that. 

Would You Want to Be Treated Like This? 

But even if you’re following the Golden Rule, I don’t think you’d want to be treated this way, so why are you sending these emails to your prospects? Why are you treating them this way when you wouldn’t even like it? 

Put Your Platinum Rule Glasses on

So look at your marketing strategy with your Platinum Rule glasses on. How does it stack up? Send yourself your own emails. Schedule them for odd times of the day, so you’ll be surprised. 

Really ask yourself how you would feel if you received the LinkedIn message that you just sent to someone. You know, the one full of links, asking other people for stuff when you haven’t even taken a look at their profile to see if they care about what you’re offering. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

On the flip side, are you communicating with your audience as often as they would like you to? I’ve found that consultants of all kinds struggle to stay in contact with their prospects, their audience, and the people on their email list as much as their audience would actually like them to. 

You’re so conscious of not clogging up their inbox that your hot/warm leads go cold because you don’t stay in touch. It’s a fine balance we have to strike; not too much, not too little. 

Are you assessing the information from your market? They’re giving you a ton of it. It’s everywhere, all over online. All you have to do is look for it. 

Are you asking your clients these questions: 

  • How they want to hear from you? 
  • How often they want to hear from you? 
  • Do they like video? 
  • Do they like written content? 
  • Do they like podcasts? 

If they love your work, they’ll want to help you. Don’t lose money because you’re afraid to ask a few questions and do a little research. 

So remember, toss out the Golden Rule and start using the Platinum Rule for your marketing strategy. Watch your cold leads turn into warm leads, who turn hot, who sign the line. That’s it for now. I’ll talk to you next time! 

use the platinum rule instead of golden rule, man studying white board