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Under the Microscope: XM Phone Cleanse

All right, we’re taking another campaign Under the Microscope! Today, we’re looking at Xfinity Mobile’s Phone Cleanse campaign. As a relatively new mobile service provider, Xfinity Mobile needed to increase their brand awareness. They needed to get their name out there and get people interested. And boy, did they ever! Learn more about this interesting campaign and its results.

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If you missed our first episode of Under The Microscope, we looked at IBM’s Content Cantina campaign. Today, we’re going to talk about Xfinity Mobile’s digital health awareness campaign. 

A New Contender in a Dominated Marketplace

Xfinity Mobile is a relatively new mobile carrier in an incredibly dominated marketplace. I don’t want to say that it’s a crowded marketplace per se, but we know who the big players are and they’re firmly entrenched. We’d be surprised to see one of them fail. 

But Xfinity Mobile is only available for Comcast subscribers. The advantage of using them is that you can bundle it with your other services. 

Comcast is the biggest cable and satellite provider in the United States, but Xfinity Mobile is new. They needed their Comcast customers to notice them. 

The bundling is very attractive for new subscribers as well. Not only do you get your internet, cable, and landline, you could also get your cell phone. On top of that, if you already have certain Comcast offerings, then it just makes sense for you to bundle and get Xfinity Mobile. 

But they needed people to know about them. 

Xfinity Mobile’s The Phone Cleanse

They called this digital health awareness campaign The Phone Cleanse. It was all about getting noticed, brand awareness, getting out there, and getting people to talk about them. 

Wow, did they ever succeed! It was amazing. They zigged when everybody else was zagging. They did something different than everyone else. 

What Xfinity Mobile Did Differently

Addressing Problematic Challenges Head-On

Yes, there are digital health apps out there, but they mostly just quietly stay on your phone. There isn’t a big fanfare about it or anything. 

This is similar to when tobacco companies were just standing idle and being quiet when scientists were beginning to prove the detriments of smoking and what it can cause. Yes, they slapped warning labels on their products, but did that do anything? 

On the contrary, Xfinity Mobile’s campaign reminds me of when alcoholic beverages companies do commercials that talk about safe driving or emphasize moderation. So they’re addressing the fact that their product does have some pitfalls, but if you want it anyway, be smart. 

The Creation of a Physical Book

Xfinity Mobile actually made an actual, real, physical book called The Phone Cleanse. It has a space in the center for your phone. You just put your phone in there and follow the instructions. 

It’s a 7-day phone cleanse, and you follow the instructions in the book every day. The reason why they did this instead of designing a digital app, is so people don’t have to flick back and forth between their phone settings, instructions, app settings, etc. They could just put the phone in the book. 

What Is the Purpose of This Campaign?

The focus is on cleansing someone’s life of clutter, notifications, bloatware, and all the unnecessary content lingering on their phone. 

All those notifications can cause anxiety. They put a little bit of pressure on your mind. You’re immediately thinking, “Oh, here are more things I have to deal with!” 

That’s why they created a campaign that helps people have a healthier relationship with their phones. 

Employing Various Influencers

They started it with influencers, which was perfect because they were talking about their experience to their audience. 

Then, the audience was saying, “Hey, what about me? Can I start doing The Phone Cleanse as well? I definitely need to do it.” 

And that’s when Xfinity Mobile made it available to everybody. Once again, they did something unexpected. 

The Results of The Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse

Not only were they talking about digital health, but they actually created a book vs. putting out a digital app as many would do. It takes us back to simpler times. 

This doesn’t just have the advantage of being convenient in the sense that you don’t have to fiddle with their phone settings and instructions, but it’s also something you can physically touch. 

It’s like an anchor here, in the real world, compared to everything you’re doing on your phone. I think they took some very interesting turns, and having an actual book was an excellent plan. 

The general public agreed, Xfinity Mobile got some great coverage, and there were some serious increases in awareness. Actually, I’ve got some specific numbers here: 

  • They saw an 11-point lift in top of mind awareness. In our very dominated market, their top of mind awareness is around 400% over the tech benchmark, which is very impressive. 
  • They also saw an 81% increase in social conversation about Xfinity Mobile, which is incredibly important because they’re a new mobile carrier and they need to get their name out there. Xfinity Mobile need people talking about them, whether they’re Comcast subscribers or not. 
  • They got earned placements in Fox Business News and the Washington Post, among other media outlets. That’s huge! What they did got them some earned media public relations, which is something we’ve been talking about a lot this season. What they did was interesting enough to get them into these big media publications. That’s not something you can pay for, and it adds to the legitimacy of the brand. It gets it out to people who may not have otherwise heard about the brand. 

Something Anybody Would Be Improved by

So that’s what I really liked about the Xfinity Mobile Cleanse. I think we should all cultivate healthy relationships with our technology, especially as it becomes more prevalent. We’re talking Google glasses, virtual reality, augmented reality, and everything else. 

Xfinity Mobile brought to light a topic that could have easily been shuffled to the side as their larger competitors did. They made it a point of interest and improving wellbeing. 

No matter who you are, whether or not you took part, whether or not you’re a Comcast or an Xfinity Mobile customer, you could take part in this campaign and you would be improved by it. I think that’s the sort of positivity that we want to see in marketing in the world. 

And that’s why I decided to bring the Xfinity Mobile phone cleanse to Under The Microscope. I hope you enjoyed this quick analysis of the mobile content campaign. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Did you take part in The Phone Cleanse? What did you think of it? Do you still have your book? Take some pictures of it, I’d love to see it. Otherwise, I’ll see you next time!