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The Big Mistake You’re Making in Your Podcast Guest Pitches

Now that I have a podcast, I’ve received some pretty lackluster requests to be a guest. What makes them so lackluster? Well, what makes any marketing lackluster? This innate drive to talk about ourselves. That’s not what podcast hosts want to hear from you. They want to know why their audience would be interested in you. So that’s what you need to focus on in your podcast guest pitches. 

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Today we’re going to talk about the big mistake you’re making in your podcast guest pitches. You’re thinking, “Wait! This is a podcast, but we’re talking about guesting on podcasts?” Yes, that’s what’s happening today. 

Not only do I have The Defiant Business Podcast, but I also make it a point to be a guest on other podcasts. This is a part of my marketing and relationship-building strategy. 

Guesting is actually something I did before I started this podcast, and my guest pitches have gotten way better as a result. This is very similar to what happened once I started hiring freelancers, contractors, and working with agencies; my proposals and pitches got much better. 

You’re Focusing Exclusively on Yourself

Part of it is learning through experience, but there’s a very common mistake we make in our proposals. 

When we want something from someone, we have to show what’s in it for them. Just based off of that sentence, I think you know where this is going. 

The reason I decided to make this into an episode is because plenty of pitches I’ve gotten, ever since The Defiant Business Podcast was born, suck. They’re just not interesting, and the last thing I want is to have an uninteresting guest on my podcast. 

What Can You Offer to the Host and Their Audience?

The pitches are very “Me! Me! Me! All about myself!” But your pitches should really focus on what you have to offer to the host. 

Even more importantly, their audience. What do you have to offer to their audience? That’s what they care about. How well-received is your story and personality going to be? Always frame it that way. No matter what. 

When you’re talking about your accolades, awards, experience, and credentials, you should always frame it as why those things matter to the host’s audience. 

Important note: this may change based on the podcast you’re pitching to. 

Get Yourself a Media Kit

You should get a media kit. It’s a wonderful thing to send, but try to keep it to 1 or 2 pages. Nobody wants to read a book about you, unless you’re super interesting. In that case, your book should be on Amazon. It should not be your media kit. 

In your media kit, you’d normally include: 

  • A short bio, some of the industries and topics that you know really well. 
  • Some information about your current audience. 
  • The podcast or media placements you’ve already had, if you’ve got them. That’s something you want to update, so I’d make it a running digital file that you can update regularly. You also want like clickable links, so a pdf would be great. 

Why Are You Interesting?

A lot of work goes into podcast creation, as any podcast host will tell you. It takes a lot. Even The Defiant Business Podcast with its 10-minute episodes is a lot of work, partly because it’s an everyday podcast. I kind of brought that on myself, and it’s still a lot of work. 

Even if it wasn’t every day, it would be a lot of work. It takes enough work to create it, but then you’ve got to promote and distribute it. 

I’m saying this to tell you: make your pitch worth reading. Make it valuable. 

I’ve gotten pitches just stating, “Hey, so I just want to inquire about being a guest on your next podcast episode.” Is it even worth my time responding to you? This first message was boring. That’s why I haven’t responded, so make it interesting. 

Why are you interesting? That should be within your first pitch. 

If You’re a Beginner…

If you’re new, there are lots of things you can offer. 

Let’s say you’re new and you’re trying to guest on podcasts.

Select the Right Podcasts

First things first, you should probably look at new-ish podcasts, or podcasts where you’re uniquely situated to offer the maximum value to an audience. 

This means you need to do some research, understand who that audience is, and what they’re looking for. Why do they listen to that podcast and how do you add value? 

Create New Content

You could also offer to create a unique piece of content. This is something that even experienced podcast guests do. 

Create something they can put on their landing page for the podcast episode. 

If you have any other unique services that make distribution a little bit easier or fancier, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with offering that either. 

Make Good on Your Promise of Interest

When you market that particular podcast episode, you’re marketing yourself. It’s not like you’re giving away a ton of work for free. In essence, you’re asking to borrow the podcast host’s audience. 

You’re asking to borrow their credibility. We’ve talked about building your credibility. One of the ways to do that is by borrowing the credibility of others, but when you do, you need to fulfill that promise. 

Read more about how to build your company’s credibility in this blog post.

In your pitch, you should allude to how you’re fulfilling the promise of interest. What’s your proof? For example, how do I know that you’ll be an excellent guest on The Defiant Business Podcast? 

Why Should You Be This Season’s Rock Star?

In terms of guesting on The Defiant Business Podcast, we have one guest per season. So our standards are very high. 

If you’re a guest on The Defiant Business Podcast, you’ll be the only guest we promote that entire season. My goal is to treat you like a rock star. 

Our Season 2 Guest, Jennifer McGinley!

I love our season 2 guest, Jennifer McGinley. Her interview is broken into 5 different segments that we’re featuring throughout the entire season. We’ve created social media assets around it, shared her points, created a blog posts about it and everything. 

Her name is out there! And she’s the only one person. I’m not promoting anybody else right now because she’s my only guest. 

We go through the effort of treating our guests like rock stars, which means that you have to show us you are a rock star. You need to defy the status quo, which is my company’s name. That’s where The Defiant Business Podcast comes from. 

So if you want to pitch to me, show me why your business is defiant and show me why my audience would care. Tell us that you know why you should be the rock star that we promote the entire season. 

Do Not Copy and Paste; Send Unique Podcast Guest Pitches

That’s basically it. I told you what to do right there. Still, every podcast is different, so don’t copy and paste everything. 

Do your research. Find out what that podcast host wants for their audience, what the audience wants from their podcast host, and do your best to showcase that in your podcast guest pitch. 

Be as interesting possible, and you’re way more likely to get a response.