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Missing Client/Customer Connections?

Business is getting crowded, which means you have to look for meaningful ways to stand out. You should always be looking for opportunities to create real connections with your customer or clients. 

The inspiration behind this post came from a campaign text I received asking me for another donation. I started considering whether or not I felt compelled to do so. Then I realized, they missed a lot of opportunities to prime me for this question. 

They missed a lot of opportunities to make me want to say yes. Instead, I just asked “Why should I?”

Here’s the link to the Twitter thread I sent to the Senator: 

Here’s the podcast episode:

Or if you’d rather watch the video:

Today’s topic is whether you’re missing potential client connections. This is important because today’s world is pretty crowded with businesses. 

What Makes You Stand out?

You really have to concentrate on how you can stand out, and it’s not always what you put out there that makes you stand out. Sometimes, it’s the way that you connect with your customers that that gives you that extra edge that incites brand loyalty. 

We’ve seen this amongst Millennials, and we’re seeing it with Generation Z. A loyalty program or a discount isn’t enough, because everyone can do that. You have to focus on what only you can do. 

If other people see that it works for you, they’ll copy it. There is value in being the first one to do something. Anytime you come up with something only you can do, you’re getting ahead of the game. 

The Inspiration for This Topic: Senator Cory Booker’s Campaign  

This Saturday morning, I received a text message from Senator Cory Booker’s campaign asking if I would be willing to donate more ahead of an FEC deadline. 

This is because I had donated $1, after seeing a Twitter Ad saying that the number of unique donors required for anyone to be on stage had been upped. 

I remembered him being completely disgusted with the director of Homeland Security because he thought she was full of crap. I thought she was full of crap too. 

I decided, “You know what? For all that emotion and passion he showed, I’ll give him a dollar. I don’t even really know anything else about him, but I’ll give him a dollar.” 

So when I got this text message asking me to donate more, I was wondering why. I don’t really know him, and the burden is on me to go find out about it. 

I decided to create a Twitter thread with my advice to them. Yes, this was specifically advice for a political campaign, but if you’ve read my blog post on conscious consumerism, you know that this method of communicating with your clients could be really beneficial for your business. There are many different ways of doing it, especially when you throw in AI, Facebook messenger, and chatbots. But the Twitter thread that I created is about their SMS marketing strategy, which I feel could be greatly improved. 

SMS Marketing Is Extremely Personal

Once I opted in a few days ago, you could’ve asked me if I wanted to learn more about your stances on important issues. You could have asked me which issues are important to me, and you could’ve been collecting empirical data. 

When I donated that $1, that’s exactly what I feel like they should’ve done. They should’ve sent me a text thanking me for my donation, and then they could have asked me which issues were important to me. 

And based on those responses, they could have sent me a set of text messages about them, informing me on Senator Booker’s stance. 

If I said yes to learning more about your position, I could have received texts boiling down your stances in the most personal marketing method possible. 

You could send me resources to learn more about what makes you different compared to the other Democrats running. 

This would have been a great opportunity for him to show me what made him different. He could have done all of this before asking me for more money. That is key. 

If he had made me like him more than just enough to donate $1, and if he had implemented a better plan, I would have been a lot more supportive. I would’ve felt like I could donate more. 

But when I got to the text, I thought, “Why should I?” It’s unfortunate because anyone who’s already donated $1 is primed to donate more. 

Automated Text Messages Have Tons of Potential to Be Beneficial

The point is that if you’ve got a cause surrounding your business and you’ve gotten your client to opt-in for SMS text messaging, you could implement automatic streams of text messages based on what their interests are. 

Because of the short nature of text messages, you have an opportunity to get rid of all the jargon, focus, and make those words really count. 

You Have Someone’s Full Attention

Take advantage of the fact that you have their full attention. You could tweet out the same things, but they might not see your tweets. You could put them on Facebook, but they might not see your Facebook messages. You could even put them in an email, but they might not open your email. 

But we’re automatically programmed to open our text messages. The only ones I don’t open are the school bus alerts telling me that my kid is going to be dropped off late because my kid calls me first. If I didn’t get that phone call, I would definitely open that text. 

Focus on the Opportunities That You’re Given 

The takeaway is that you have to focus on those opportunities. It doesn’t always have to be about SMS text messaging, but that was one example. 

You need to look around and see where you could be missing potential client connections. If you’re missing it, your competitors may be missing it too, which is an opportunity for you to stand out. 

Texting doesn’t have to be spam. When you get someone’s number without being asked, they want to hear from you. Even if you don’t have a big cause surrounding your product, you could still set up your SMS text messaging in such a way that it’s beneficial to them. 

Maybe you could offer to inform them 24 hours prior to any of your events. It may take a few tries, but they are likely to actually show up at your event at least once. Even something as simple as sending a reminder can be beneficial. 

So keep an eye out in your marketing. Let me know whether you’ve missed any potential marketing or sales opportunities!