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Try Consistency Instead of Quitting

When you quit something, what has been the usual reason? 

Lack of ROI?

Need to spend your time elsewhere? 

….. what other reason? 

In this episode, I talk about what consistency instead of quitting can do for you. 

Consistency instead of quitting for blogging, social media, or any other business endeavor can be a huge difference between your glorious success and someone else taking the opportunity. 

Here’s the podcast episode:

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Today, we’re going to talk about trying consistency instead of quitting. 

So why do I even have to bring this up to a group of entrepreneurs? It might seem counter-intuitive, but we’re all susceptible to it, without even realizing. I’m sure that after you read this you’re going to agree with me that you’ve done it at least once. Let me know! 

The Effort You Don’t See

Last night my family and I were watching an episode of America’s Got Talent. We watched a noise mimicker guy get to the next round. His name was Greg Morton. 

He got four yeses, which was pretty cool. It was a dream he had been working towards his entire life. 

The big thing I took away from his story is that he was 60 years old. I said to my husband, “Honey, isn’t that amazing? How many people would have quit by now ? I mean, pretty much everyone else”. 

When he finally got that big break, he seemed to become an overnight success, but his story tells you that that’s not the case. 

He didn’t wake up a few weeks ago and start doing it. He had been working as a DJ and had held numerous jobs that were related to what he did. 

He had been working towards this dream of being able to do it full time, and have his own show for a long time. He was the opposite of an overnight success. 

It’s like when you plant a seed in the ground and you can’t see what’s going on, but after a few weeks we see something break through the surface. 

We see the leaves. but that doesn’t mean that little seed wasn’t working hard the whole time. There’s so much happening that you don’t see. 

Winning the lottery is a big overnight break. Almost everything else requires effort. The seed is constantly working underneath the ground, creating the root system, and doing everything it needs to in order to succeed. 

If You’re Quitting, Who Else Is?

We quit many business endeavors that we attempt. Usually, we’ll try tackling a task from different angles, and when none of them work…well, you only have so much time. 

I get it. You can’t spend time doing everything. You have to determine what’s going to give you the best ROI. But the question that I have for you is, if you’re quitting, who else is? If you’re quitting, the majority of everyone else is quitting too. 

Blogging as a Commitment

For example, blogging is something I see many companies start, and then they quit after a few weeks. You can tell this is the case because if you happen to check out that blog for any particular reason, you’ll see that nothing new has been posted for the last 2 years. 

You say, “Well, that’s a shame” And then, as a customer, you move on. 

But as the business, how many customers have you lost because of that lackluster blog that you’ve neglected? How are you supposed to get good if you quit? 

If you’re thinking, “Oh, we started a blog, but it just hasn’t given us a good return on investment. That’s why we haven’t maintained it”. Well, I hate to break it to you, but blogging is definitely a long-term commitment. 

If you’re going to commit to writing once a month, your term of testing should be at least a year and a half, and two years for optimal results. 

If you’re going to post every week, I’d say your testing phase could be a year.

However, blogging is one of those things that you just have to do consistently. You have to try consistency instead of quitting. 

You aren’t going to get serious, visible results in the first few months, but you’re building your search engine optimized footprint through your blog. That takes time to do. 

Success comes by faster for some topics than others, but you have to do it consistently for quite some time to build your audience.

Is This Endeavor Worth It?

You have to decide whether this is a poor use of your time, or would commitment and consistency turn this into a success. You have to think about the business struggles that you’ve had. 

The Time I Got Scammed…

I got my start on Upwork, and there were stumbles, trips, and falls. I talk about many of them in my book, which I’m currently writing. 

One that immediately comes to mind is the time I got scammed. I was looking for a job to apply to, and one person said that he was writing a military, adventure, action book. 

I was like, “Cool. I’ve got military experience. I could totally edit this and make it better! No problem”. 

He wanted me to edit 500 words as a test project. I was fine with that, so he gave me the piece that he wanted me to edit. I did a really good job with it. I fixed his tone, edited some things that we wouldn’t say as army people, and straightened it up. 

I sent it back, and I eagerly awaited his response. What ended up happening was that I didn’t get a response at all. 

Turns out that’s a very common way for client scammers to get free work done. So he likely doled out 500-word segments to almost every single desperate writer who responded. 

That’s obviously not going to turn out into a good book, but he’s a scammer who’s trying to get free work. What does he care? 

I could’ve easily quit at that point. I could have decided that all online clients were like that. I could’ve decided that the only way to succeed as a freelance writer was by knowing people and working in industries that I knew, which wasn’t the way that I was going about it. 

Instead, I took it as a learning experience and I moved on. I decided that consistency and commitment would turn it into a success. 

I didn’t quit. And that’s what I’m telling you today. 

There’s Less Competition at the Top

The next time you’re thinking about social media, blogging, business opportunities or endeavors, I need you to consider that when you’ve decided it’s too hard, the vast majority of people have decided that too, which means that there is less competition. 

When they say there’s less competition at the top, it’s not necessarily because the top is such a great place to be. It’s because you had to hike to get up there when so many people quit and turned around. So if you don’t, then you make it to the top. But it can be grueling and it can be tough. 

So please, the next time you run into an obstacle in your path, ask yourself, “Is this a poor use of my time, or would consistency and commitment turn it into a success?”