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LinkedIn for Your Business

Have you heard that LinkedIn is another platform you should be looking for leads on? Hold on now, all of you who have B2C businesses. I’m still talking to you. Yes, you can carve out a space for yourself on LinkedIn, even if your business is B2C. How? Listen to this episode, because I give some great examples. 

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Today we’re going to be talking about Linkedin for your business. Now, I love Linkedin. You can find me on Linkedin. I’m very active. Just search my name, Ruthie Bowles

I talk about Linkedin to all of the business owners that I meet up with. Normally, when I bring up Linkedin it’s greeted with the kind of, “I need to be on Linkedin but I’m not.” Or, “I haven’t updated my profile in a long time.”

It sounds like everybody knows they should be on Linkedin, but maybe they’re just not motivated enough. So this morning, what I’m going to do is be another person who tells you that you need to be on Linkedin properly. 

Why Should You Be Interested in Linkedin?

So why should you be interested in Linkedin if your business has B2B elements to it? 

If your business is entirely or partly B2B, you should definitely be interested. If you’re B2B, you should be on Linkedin. 

But even if you’re B2C, you should still be looking at Linkedin. If you have a cleaning business, busy business people could be your tribe on Linkedin.  You are also a business owner. 

It’s funny because I specifically have someone in mind right now, and when he listens to this episode, he’ll know who he is. You’re a busy business owner too. So who could you better empathize with other than busy business people? You should definitely be on Linkedin as B2C.

If you sell prescription glasses and somehow that’s your business. You’re manufacturer. There are plenty of people who wear glasses in their Linkedin profile.  And there you are. Somebody needs glasses. 

If you deal with childcare and you take care of other people’s children for a living, you could definitely connect with busy business parents on Linkedin. That’s thinking outside of the box, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone suggest that. 

So I’ll say some marketing ideas of off the top of my head, regarding how important it is to have quality care for your children. That way, when you come home from work, your children are still getting the right upbringing, they’re training, they’re eating the right foods, etc. So investing in childcare can pay dividends later. 

It’s just a different way for you to communicate your message no matter your industry because B2B people are still people, and they still need B2C stuff. 

Linkedin Has Reliably Active Users

40% of the monthly active users on linkedin are active every day. You can count on a serious chunk of the monthly users logging in and checking things at least once a day. 

I’m probably a 2-3 times a day person on Linkedin, maybe more. It just depends. If I’ve posted something and I’m getting a lot of engagement, then I’ll definitely be on there quite a few times a day. The reach can be really good on Linkedin. It’s like when Facebook had its heyday, where you like something and everybody could see that you liked it. That still happens on Facebook to a degree, but on Linkedin it’s just way more basic. I like something, I comment on something, and pretty much anybody in my feed could see it if they look at the right time. 

Making Use of Linkedin

Update Your Profile Now

One of my tips is you need to work. You need to update your LinkedIn profile before you start reaching out to people. So if you’re an entrepreneur now and you weren’t an entrepreneur before, your industry has changed, or any major significant changes have happened, you want to make sure that your Linkedin profile is updated. 

I have a blog post with tips on how to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Business.

Send Personalized Invites

Always send a personalized invite. When you reach out to somebody to connect, you’re sending that connection request. It’s like a friend request on Facebook. 

Send a personalized invite as well. It could be the difference between you sitting in somebody’s invites for a really long time, and actually being accepted. The people who send me actual notes that show they read my profile for even 2 seconds will get approved pretty much immediately. 

Even if you’re copying and pasting it, make sure that you check it carefully. I had someone say, “Hey, we’re both in content marketing. We’re both in the Bay.” And I went on his profile and saw he was in San Francisco, so we met at the San Francisco Bay. Then I told him, “I’m not from San Francisco.” And he didn’t even respond to it, much less apologize. So I ignored his connection  request. I did not accept it. 

Links Are Completely Unnecessary 

Don’t include any links when you send your invite. That’s silly. They don’t care about you yet, and they should be able to go find any relevant links on your Linkedin profile. When they get your connection request, they click to view your profile, they can check out your business, and they can check out any links that you’ve put in your summary. 

Write a Genuine Initial Message

When they do choose to connect with you, do not spam them to death with a link filled message as your initial message. See where they are first. Say; 

  • “Hey, I heard the weather was pretty bad up there. How are things?”
  • “Hey, your weather was really nice.”
  • “Hi, I’m in content marketing, and I’m just trying to expand my network. Thank you so much for connecting with me. If you need any content created in x industries, please think of me. I look forward to seeing your posts.”

It’s usually something like that, where I mention what I do. And if they want to talk more, they can. 

Personalized Voice Messages

Somebody did something for me that was pretty cool, so I want to share it. Her name is Nadia and we connected on Linkedin just last week. 

She sent me a voice message just giving me a short course. I think it was 18 seconds. You could totally make it even shorter if you wanted, but everybody will know that voice recording is just for them, even if you don’t really put anything specific in it. 

I just thought that was the neatest thing, so I’m going to start doing that. A pro tip; you could only do that on your phone, so you have to use your phone. 

The Advantages of Linkedin over Other Platforms

It’s Less Crowded

I think you can connect with people on Linkedin more easily than on other platforms. Let’s say you want to connect with somebody and they’ve got like 10,000 – 50,000 followers on Instagram.

You could follow them without any problems, but actually being seen in their comments is probably going to be difficult because so many other people are commenting. But maybe on Linkedin they only have 1000 – 2000 because they pay attention to the platform but they’re not out there hunting to build a following on Linkedin. That gives you an opportunity to stand out. 

Anytime they post something, you can comment on it. Even if you’re the only person commenting. Sometimes, I think that’s even better, because if it’s somebody that you want to talk with, they could be a great partner for your business. 

Maybe they’d be a great client for your business. Maybe you just want to connect with them, and you don’t know what it’s going to turn into, but it could be something good. 

You can do that with people pages, profile pages, but you can also do that with company pages. Company pages don’t get a lot of attention. If you follow them, they’ll pop up in your feed, and if it’s a company you’d like to work with/for, then comments on their company updates. As a result, it becomes really easy to stand out. 

Gary Vee talks about Linkedin a lot, but I was interested in Linkedin before he told me to be. No, I probably wasn’t, but I hadn’t heard that Gary Vee said that we should be on Linkedin. I actually first ran into Gary Vee as a persona online on Linkedin, and I ignored him for a while. I recently finished his book. It was great, I highly recommend it. 

You Have a Better Chance of Standing out

If you aren’t B2B and there isn’t a clear way for you to market your business on Linkedin, all the better. Because guess what? That means all of your competitors who aren’t gonna try as hard as you aren’t going to do it, which means you will be the cleaning person on Linkedin. You’ll be the glasses person on Linkedin or the person offering child care, because your competitors aren’t. 

What About Other Social Media Platforms?

Should you still compete on Instagram? Should you still be on Facebook? Sure. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be there. I’m just saying that you should consider Linkedin as a viable social media platform to generate leads for your business. 

I love Linkedin. All right. That’s been another Defiant Business Podcast episode with me, your host, Ruthie from Defy The Status Quo. Don’t forget to look for the Linkedin profile infographic link down in the show notes. I’ll talk to you again soon.