You are currently viewing Infographic: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Business

Infographic: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Business

A lot of people are getting curious about LinkedIn. With influencers like Gary Vee talking about all of the business potential for LinkedIn, it’s a great time to get onto this social media platform.

But how do you get started? With a great LinkedIn profile that attracts the right sort of connections to you. You need to optimize your LinkedIn profile for business.

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Who are the right sort of connections? They come in many forms:

  • Peers in related industries (can refer work to you)
  • Experts in your industry (great if you’re a writer or designer who focuses on that industry)
  • Connectors (people who know people, or can offer marketing opportunities)
  • and of course, potential clients

So we created this infographic to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile for business. You should have an engagement strategy for LinkedIn as well, but your profile is where you have to start!

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I asked my LinkedIn network for tips on optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract great connections. Here’s what they said!

On LinkedIn Keyword Research

Do your keyword research. LinkedIn’s search and algorithm operates similar to Google. If you are a UX designer and want people to find you on the platform, then incorporate keyword rich text related to UX design into your profile.

Jason Firch, Digital Marketing Nonprofit Specialist, Nonprofits Source

Modify your LI public URL so that it includes keywords for better visibility on the web. I have “freelance content writer” in mine, for instance.

Peter Jenkins, Freelance Content Writer and Editor

Think about what words someone would use to look for someone like you. Be searchable. Be succinct.

Alison Tedford, Freelance Social Media Writer,

On LinkedIn Profile Content

It can be a good idea to include a very brief testimonial or some evidence that you are what you say you are. Especially if you don’t already have testimonials on your profile page.

Victoria Doxat, Freelance Writer and Editor,

Take advantage of all the various sections that LinkedIn offers you – awards, volunteering, publications – there are so many. They give you an opportunity to showcase a talent or aspect of your personality that you might not be able to share in a traditional resume format.

Cara Imperato, Content Writer

Write your summary to your audience, solving their problem, positioning yourself as their hero. It’s all about them, not about you.

Carol J. Alexander, Freelance Sustainable Living Writer,

On The Value of LinkedIn Activity

This might not be profile based but in general, try and post 3x a week on the newsfeed to increase your visibility to have your profile be found. And, pay for premium so you can see who is looking at your profile and then connect with them! 

Kate Talbot, Content Marketer,