Content Marketing for B2B Businesses Changing the Standard

We help B2B consulting and service firms, big and small, succeed at content marketing.

“They’ve” made mediocre content and frustrating marketing the standard. We refuse to accept that. So should you.

You know you’ve got a game changer.

We won’t let your content stand in the way.

At Defy The Status Quo, we work with forward-thinking companies who’ve identified a need and are looking to change things up. For themselves, their industry, and their clients.

Most businesses lose their leads with promotional content that fails to create those valuable human connections. 

That’s the status quo. We’re going to defy it, together.

“I hired Ruthie as a freelance content strategist and writer when I was the Social and Content Lead at AMMEX. Ruthie planned a hub-and-spoke content strategy for us in one of our key selling areas. Not only is Ruthie an extremely talented writer, but the thoughtfulness she brings to every project also goes above-and-beyond the call of any contract.” Amber Pinel, AMMEX

Do We Specialize in Your Industry?

We firmly believe that we can deliver the best content by specializing in certain industries. We value helping service businesses articulate the benefits and value of their services through their online content. We work with service companies that provide business development and management services. 

Why? Because you’re helping other businesses succeed. So when we work with you, we’re helping them. 

Our industry specialties include: 

  • Business consulting
  • Sales and Marketing management
  • E-commerce business, supply chain, and logistics management
  • Corporate wellness
  • Government contracting

We believe in our clients’ missions and goals. Therefore, when we choose to work with you, we’re also choosing not to work with any of your direct competitors.

Why Content Marketing?

Plain and simple, content marketing works, no matter the size of your business or topic.

B2B content marketing is powerful because your clients want information. They’re more info hungry because working with you is a business decision. 

While buying a product on Amazon, they’ll likely read the reviews before purchasing. Maybe read a couple of blog posts if it’s pricey. 

B2B buyers voraciously consume content. 47% read 3-5 pieces of content before making a purchase decision. The top five content formats they consume are:

  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Blog posts

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