It’s Not Personal. It’s Not Business.

It’s All Human.

Business advocacy and business ethics consulting services

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Coaches and consultants know the importance of deeply connecting with prospects, showing up in an authentic and joyful way, and inviting them to become life-long customers to exceed sales goals.

In this podcast, you’ll find the tools and resources to grow your coaching or consulting business in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re “screaming out” in your marketing and sales calls.

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it’s time to set the tone in your business

Change will only happen in the coaching, consulting, and online business industries if we lead from the front. 

We have to assume responsibility for the things in the realm of our control. 

It feels like no one else cares because WE are at the leading edge of marketing and selling in a way that’s truly ethical and aligned. 

And isn’t just another way to sell more of the same stuff wrapped in different paper. 

We’re here if you need help with: 

  • Evaluating a coach, consultant, or service provider
  • Developing a code of ethics for your business
  • Assessing your emotional intelligence skills


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How Do We Do It?

If you’re in the early stages of your business and you need a brand discovery guide, start with the WHY Workshop!

The WHY Workshop

If you need 1-1 help, please check out our consultation services page to see which consultation serves your needs!

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Creating space for ethical businesses to flourish

At DTSQ, we help you unearth an emotionally intelligent brand that helps you go beyond attracting clients to build community.

A brand built with EQ in mind builds a community that increases its ripple effect. 

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Are you the next DTSQ Client?

Let’s find out. You could be a great DTSQ client if you: 

  • Feel as if your business furthers your purpose in life right now
  • Believe you have an offer that will genuinely improve your clients’ lives/businesses
  • Know that there’s more to your business than what you’ve uncovered so far