Dominate Your Niche By Becoming The Niche

We help client-based experts become business influencers through Authentic Authority Marketing.

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Are you drowning in the sea of experts?

Maybe you aren’t signing as many clients as you need to. How would increasing your industry credibility improve your lead gen and sales efforts?

You know your company’s experience and methodologies would help so many businesses succeed, but other consulting firms are landing your clients.

That's the status quo. We're going to defy it, together.

Being perceived as THE expert changes all of that!


We know from experience that each kernel of credibility that you gather helps you build the momentum you need to sign new and better clients. 

We practice what we preach, and we can help you achieve the success your company deserves.

We have a 3-part system that increases your credibility and industry thought leadership, enabling you to sign more clients.


You’ll have new opportunities to showcase your company’s expertise. You’ll get in front of new audiences, and sign new clients.

Without our three-part method, you run the risk of continuing to blend in. You won’t thrive by ignoring the advantage that an authority brand gives you. 

We’ll help you go from knocking elbows in your industry to rising above the crowd.

We’re not for everyone, and we’ll be the first to tell you. Let’s figure out if DTSQ is the authority marketing partner for your company.