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It's All Human.

Helping client-based business owners uncover their brands by diving into themselves.

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Check Out The Defiant Business Podcast

The Defiant Business Podcast is your go-to resource for everything authentic marketing, entrepreneurship, and branding. 

Join Ruthie during her solo episodes and as she interviews a variety of experts, coaches, and consultants on their industries, businesses, and strategies. 

it's time to set the tone in your business

Maybe you aren’t signing as many clients as you need to. 

Or you’re signing them, but they’re not the best clients for you.

Your marketing feels stiff, and you aren’t sure what to do next.  

You’re ready to claim your place as the visionary of your business. Let’s talk. 


If you’re in the early stages of your business and you need a brand discovery guide, start with the WHY Workshop!

If you’ve proven your offer and are scaling, then our 1-1 Supernova Brand Program may be a great fit. 

Creating Human Brands that connect

At DTSQ, we help you unearth an emotionally intelligent brand that helps you go beyond attracting clients to build community.

A brand built with EQ in mind builds a community that increases its ripple effect. 


Are you the next DTSQ Client?

Let’s find out. You could be a great DTSQ client if you: 

  • Feel as if your business furthers your purpose in life right now
  • Believe you have an offer that will genuinely improve your clients’ lives/businesses
  • Know that there’s more to your business than what you’ve uncovered so far